Satellite dish installation training

As both J.D. Power and Associates and Consumer Reports have noted, satellite enjoys a superior customer service rating among its multichannel competitors. Sustaining and improving those ratings is critical to the future success of the satellite industry. SBCA strives to continuously enhance offerings in satellite dish system certification and training to improve customer experience and strengthen advocacy in licensing area.

The Program

The SBCA National Standards and Testing Program provides an industry endorsed benchmark of knowledge for the installation of satellite products and services. SBCA certified installers have taken the necessary coursework/training and passed standardized testing developed by the SBCA and satellite industry leaders. Certification is a continuous process of training and testing, where installers can gain higher levels of certification through additional testing. Certification is valid for two years, after which the installer must be re-certified. Get certified! The SBCA has also partnered with our member companies to offer certification courses in a veriety of other products and services

Below are the courses available

Program Overview

A highly trained professional installer base is a key component of ensuring long term customer retention. The SBCA industry accepted installation standard is a critical component in ensuring satellite remains the leader in customer satisfaction.

SBCA and its network of trainers currently certify over 1000 technicians per month. Demand is only expected to grow with the introduction of new products and services along with the industry acceptance of the NSTP program.

Other advanced knowledge areas will include satellite broadband installation, equipment standards and sales and marketing training, advanced set top box and high definition along with new technologies that are introduced by the industry.

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GRA Services International Secure Set Model # SS-4-40, 4 Gal.Concrete Alternative-High Density Polyurethane Post Setting Foam. 20 Post Kit
Home Improvement (GRA Services International)
  • Secure set is an inert plastic, high-density, closed cell, polyurethane foam
  • Easy to use on posts such as mail boxes, flagpoles, fence post, bird houses, and satellite dishes
  • Is an alternative to concrete, and works with wood, metal, vinyl and fiberglass posts
  • Superior performance while using smaller diameter holes to set posts
  • Superior cold weather performance, both above and below ground line

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