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VSAT, an acronym for Very Small Aperture Terminal, is the term used for a one-way or two-way satellite ground station consisting of a dish antenna smaller than three meters across. The VSAT’s function is to access the signal from a specific orbiting satellite, at which the antenna is pointed, and relay data back and forth from other terminals and hubs.

North American and European units usually operate in the Ku-Band frequencies and use smaller antennas. C-Band VSAT units are in use throughout the rest of the world. They tend to be slightly larger but are better adapted for use in extreme rain conditions.

VSAT systems are attractive where the coverage area is large, where quick installation is required and where terrestrial alternatives are difficult to organize. Because of the convenient size, VSAT technology has made satellite communication an attractive and viable option for a wide range of industrial applications, including mobile communications and broadband VSAT.

View SkyVision’s VSAT – Featuring the iDirect Modem.
Models: 3100, 5100 and Evolution X3

In this interactive presentation, the first VSAT installation manual featuring the iDirect Satellite Router of its kind, learn step-by-step about the technical requirements of setting up an antenna and a VSAT-based satellite router to access satellite broadband services. availability and fast response time – all without compromise Greig Technologies is a recognized system integrator that specializes in oil and gas customers in Nigeria …

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