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Recent Job Requests for Install a Satellite Dish System Contractors in Vancouver, Washington:

Project Location: 98686

Date: 08/2016

Location of satellite television: In my single family residence

Number of simultaneous stations: One

Request Stage: Ready to Hire

Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

Comment: It is a Canadian satellite

Project Location: 98664

Date: 07/2016

Location of satellite television: In my apartment or condominium

Number of simultaneous stations: Don't Know

Type(s) of Programming: Don't Know

Special Features: HDTV (high definition television)

Purchased Satellite: Yes

Desired Completion Date: Within 1 week

Materials Provided by Homeowner: Yes

Comment: Need dish re-aligned to increase signal strength.

Date: 05/2016

Number of simultaneous stations: Two

Type(s) of Programming: Other

Special Features: Don't Know

Materials Provided by Homeowner: No

Comment: satellite dish was moved around in wind storm - do not receive channels now

Date: 02/2016

Location of satellite television: In my RV, sport utility vehicle, etc.

Comment: insall satellite recivers

Date: 10/2015

Type(s) of Programming: Super stations, Premium movie channels, International programming, Don't Know

Desired Completion Date: 1 - 2 weeks

Comment: I have a motor, a 90 cm dish on a pole with an LNB, and a Fortec Star receiver that I'd like to aim and wire to my receiver and install the motor for FTA programs/free movie channels. I am in Vancouver WA, and I need an installer.

Project Location: 98682

Date: 04/2015

Type(s) of Programming: Local stations, Networks, Professional sports, Cable stations, Premium movie channels

Special Features: DVD Player, HDTV (high definition television)

Purchased Satellite: No

Comment: Bought an RV and the recievers are missing. Need a new system in RV with 2 tv's. We have been Dish customers for 15 years. There is a KVH satillite on roof but not compattible with a DVR. Need options

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