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If you're installing an indoor TV aerial in a loft, this installation guide provides DIY help, tips and advice on and when mounting TV aerials in any attic or roof space.

In reality, if you live more than about 20 miles from a main UHF TV transmitter, fitting a loft aerial is unlikely to provide perfect Freeview TV reception. Please also note that the type of aerial you'll need will vary depending on where you live in the UK.

Indoor TV aerials may even give poor reception even in locations quite close to a television transmitter, depending on your local terrain - see to find out why.

Freeview Digital TV Signal Strength MeterFor example, the presence of nearby obstructions like hills and tall buildings or screening from trees may adversely affect direct line of sight to the transmitter, resulting in a weak television signal with multipath effects, resulting in Freeview reception problems and picture break-up.

The use of loft aerials will inevitably mean that your digital TV picture is more prone to breaking up with occasional pixilation. Indoor aerials are installed at a lower height and suffer additional signal attenuation due to roof tiles and roofing materials, as well as being more susceptible to interference pickup from house wiring in the attic.

How to Install Loft Aerials

Before you install any indoor aerial, ask your neighbours whether they get good Freeview reception using a loft aerial. If they get a weak TV signal with problematic TV reception, then a high gain external TV aerial installation is advised. We recommend getting a roof-top aerial fitted by a local CAI installer.

10m WF100 Satellite CoaxIf indoor TV aerials appear viable in your area, you can crudely check digital signal strength and quality in your loft, simply by trying a portable TV with an in-built digital tuner and a Set-Top Aerial inside your attic.

Check TV Aerial Compass Bearing

To obtain the bearing and distance to your TV transmitter, enter your postcode into the Wolfbane Digital TV Coverage Estimator and check Freeview coverage maps for your area. Also find out whether your local TV transmitter uses Horizontal (H) or Vertical (V) polarisation. The required TV aerial polarisation is defined in the Wolfbane 'POL' column and orientate your aerial accordingly.

To get the latest digital channel numbers for your local transmitter use the Digital UK Coverage Checker, then enter your UK Postcode and tick the "Detailed View" checkbox. This gives a full list of TV transmitters serving your area, together with the UHF channel allocations of all DVB-T multiplexes.

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Bishop Pitch Pad Satellite Dish Mounting Hardware Kit with Pitch Pads Sealant Installation Bolt Pack TV Antenna Signal Wall Base Mount Install Rooftop Fastening Anchors, Screws and Lags
Speakers (Summit)
  • 3 - Pitch Pads (1 Wide x 5 Long)
  • 4 - Concrete Anchors (1/4 Bolt, 1/2 Drill)
  • 4 - 1/4 Screws 3 long
  • 4 - 5/16 Lag Bolts 1/2 Hex Head 2 Long
  • 2 - 1/4 Lag Bolts 7/16 Hex Head 3 Long

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