Radio Shack satellite dish

Picture of Poor Man

A way to peer into the radiosky using little more then junk found on the side of the road.

Remembering back to my 10th birthday. I recall receiving a book on outer space. I believe it was published by National Geographic. This was by far my most prized book in my somewhat limited collection of the time.

In it there was a rough outline of a radio telescope. This diagram so intrigued me that for years in the back of my mind I dreamed of being able to play with one.

Indeed years have past, careers, children, and everyday life was by far the most important of responsibilities. Then it happened. I spotted a 10 foot satellite dish in someone's trash.. I quickly made off with it and all its components.

The mount was in pretty bad shape. It appears to have some serious wind damage, and the pedals of the dish are in less then what I would consider acceptable shape.

None the less I slapped it all together. In the picture you can see my stinky trashcan mount. It was good for a quick test but boy did it stink.

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LeaningTech SF-9505A Mini Digital TV Antenna Satellite Signal Finder Meter, TV Signal Strength Meter, TV Reception Systems, with LCD Display and Compass, Black&White
Speakers (LeaningTech)
  • LeaningTech SF-9505A is reliable and accurate, because it is microprocessor controlled.
  • Signal strength is showed on the LCD-display in the form of thermometer scales and in the numbers 0~99.
  • In-line IF signal strength meter. Built-in light and electric buzzer.
  • LeaningTech SF-9505A is able to show pitch of tones on a buzzer. The higher tone, the better signal.
  • LeaningTech SF-9505A is so sensitive that even can detect the weakest signals.
Radio Shack Radio Shack Satellite Passive 4 way Multi Switch for dual-LNB Systems and Antennas
Speakers (Radio Shack)
  • Ideal for homes with a dual-LNB satellite system and outdoor antenna
  • Allows both satellite and outdoor antenna signals to travel down a single coaxial cable
  • Lets you to use 1 satellite dish and outdoor antenna with up to 4 satellite receivers

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