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If you're switching to satellite TV, you're probably looking forward to all of the new channels you'll have, but not so much installing the satellite dish itself. Satellite dishes are installed on roofs and require expertise in working on the roof to be done safely and quickly. A reputable professional will be able to help you with this task and can keep you safely off of your roof. It can be tough to predict what the cost to install a satellite dish will be, however. Your first step should be to contact a professional who can help you figure out what will work best for your home and who can give you a better idea on the price for your specific situation. Once you talk to a professional, there are a couple of factors that may impact the cost to install a satellite dish.

Number of TVs

The number of TVs or video recording systems that you need to have attached to the dish will affect the price. The more televisions that you want to be attached, the higher the cost to install a satellite dish will be. This is because the professional will install the dish itself, and then fit the cable and align the dish to give good HD reception. Since they will be attaching all of the aspects together, having more television sets increases the price.

Roof Measurements

The height and pitch of your roof will impact the cost to install a satellite dish, as well. If your roof is especially tall or steep, a professional might charge more due to the difficulty to move around easily.

Satellite Bundles

When you buy a satellite package, sometimes the provider will install your dish for free. Make sure to check into you new package to see if this is included. If it is, then the cost to install a satellite dish will be included in the price of the package and something you won't need to worry about as an additional cost.

Overall, the cost to install a satellite dish will depend on whether or not it's included in your new satellite TV package, the set-up of your roof and the number of devices that need to be attached to the dish. Just make sure to talk to at least three professionals to ensure you find someone who is familiar with the technology and who can ensure that you'll get a good signal.

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