Minimax satellite dish

Winegard RoadTrip MiniMax 15[S119-221345]

Manufacturer's Number: RT8035T

Calculate ShippingThis in-motion system combines the small powerful design of the stationary model with the ability to watch television traveling down the road!
RoadTrip Minimax Features
  • ULTRA Compact size: 15" high x 20" diameter
  • High gloss, rounded dome for max performance in bad weather (rain, dew, snow)
  • Enhanced antenna design
  • One-button on/off operation
  • DVB technology
  • DISH Network and Bell TV HD Ready
  • Panel mount for easy cable connections
  • Mounting feet come attached for quick and easy roof-top installation
  • Power and coax cable included

Product Questions & Answers:

  1. I recently bought an RV with the Winegard in motion roadtrip minimax. It is currently set on Direct TV. Can you advise as to how I can switch it to Dish Network By Patricia

    • Answer: The Winegard RoadTrip MiniMax 15" In-Motion RV TV Satellite Antenna Black is preset for Direct TV. In order to switch it to Dish Network, you would need to change the numbered switches. Here is a link to show you how to do that Winegard RT8035T Installation Guide
2' FT Antenna Mast Support 2 1/8" Mast to 1 1/4" Mast Diameter Mini Satellite Roof Top TV Portable Off-Air Signal DBS DSS Dish Steel Mast Pipe Rooftop Bracket
CE (Channel Master)
  • Min Pole Diameter: 1 1/4
  • 2 FT Satellite Dish / Antenna Tripod
  • Max Pole Diameter: 2 1/8

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