Satellite dish snow cover

Hot Shot Satellite Dish Heater

Day 3 still no service, just looked at the dish and it's still fully covered and the sun hasn't made a dent in it in 2 days. Called satelite city about this heating pad and they said they've gotten 200 calls in the last 2 days they don't sell it and they don't know who would. They said they'd clear it for me if it'd bought directv from them(wish i knew that), but they are backed up till January anyways, and cost $100 to hire them to do it. Wish I was giving the option to buy this heating pad when I installed directv.

As far as the super soaker I looked into it and apparently they don't make them anymore. At least not like they used to cause they are to "dangerous" for children. It claimed to shoot 25 feet and shot about ten.. I checked on ebay and the old larari super soaker50 was 65 bucks and the 150 I think was like $140. I might purchase the 50, but I don't even think it will shoot that far so not sure if I want to waste my money. Would the larari do the trick anybody know? I need to shoot about 35 to 40 feet and still have enough pressure to take 2 inches of snow off. Or does anybody know a reasonable priced super soaker that would work?

Or does anybody else have any other suggestions, looking at it looks like the sun got a lot of work to do and it could be a long time before it melts. I

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