Satellite dish mounting options

Skycasters experience - the best equipment gives the best serviceSkycasters offers three satellite dish mounting hardware options: the non-penetrating roof mount, the pole mount and the universal mount, a penetrating satellite dish mount which can be installed on a roof or side-mounted on a wall or chimney.

The Non-Penetrating Dish Mount

This is the most common satellite dish mount for flat roofs and commercial buildings. It does not require any permanent mounting, and may be moved if the customer relocates. A non-penetrating roof mount comes standard with the purchase of a 1.2 meter dish. The metal frame is assembled, and then concrete blocks are added to weigh the dish down. This gives the satellite dish mount the stability required to withstand high winds.

Universal Mount

A penetrating roof mount would be installed into the truss of the roof. It can be mounted to an asphalt shingled roof, composite shingled, etc. Please note that we do not mount into tile roofs, cedar shake roofs, or any fragile roofing materials.

The universal mount can alternately be attached to any solid/stable brick, wood, or concrete wall, so long as there is an unobstructed view of the satellite from the location. The dish mounting hardware comes standard with the purchase of a 1.0 meter or smaller dish.

Pole Mount

This is a non-standard dish mounting hardware option. For a peak roof, the non-penetrating dish mount is not an option. Therefore, a pole mount may be required. This is especially true for larger 1.2 meter or 1.8 meter dishes, where the weight and torque loads of these dishes will not permit the use of a universal or penetrating mount.

For the 1.2 meter dish you will need a 10′ long schedule 40 galvanized steel pole with 2 7/8″ outside diameter. The pole must be set at least 3′ in the ground with 7′ above in at least 350lb. of concrete. The end that is set in the concrete either needs to be cut at a 45 degree angle and have a bolt through the pole to prevent spinning. It is essential that the pole be perfectly plumb.

Cable and Connectors

All standard installations provide one hundred feet of solid copper core cable and the connectors necessary to connect the outdoor dish to the indoor equipment. Additional lengths of cable may be ordered at extra cost, up to a few hundred feet depending on the type of cable.

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