Satellite dish mounting hardware

DirectTV Satellite Dish

I bought everything using ebay, I received everything all at once and quickly with free shipping.

FTA Satellite Dish 33" with mounting hardware $70, HD ready KU band LNB $8, DVBS2 HD Generic FTA Receiver with HDMI $55, RG6 100ft Coaxial Cable $10.

I decided not to install the dish on the side of the house but instead made a free standing base for the dish using 2x4's. Once you pick a location for your dish make sure it is clear of obstructions between the dish and the satellite. Run the RG6 Coaxial cable from the location back to where the receiver and tv are. It is easiest to install the mast before sliding the dish over it, keeping in mind that the mast should be installed perfectly vertical. I used a small level to check my mast before tightening it down. next install the LNB onto the dish and skew it for your satellite. Once you have done that slide the dish onto the mast and adjust the elevation (up/down) to what it needs to be for your location. Most dish mounts have marks on them to indicate this. Once the Elevation is adjusted tighten it down and using your compass point your dish toward your satellite (left/right) Azimuth. Connect and check the signal on the receiver and adjust left/right to get the best signal and then tighten down. There are plenty of tutorials online for installing and tuning a satellite if you need more information check them out.

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Summit Satellite Dish Mounting Hardware Kit Installation Bolt Pack TV Antenna Signal Wall Base Mount Install Rooftop Fastening Anchors, Screws and Lags
Speakers (Summit)
  • 4 - Concrete Anchors (1/4 Bolt, 1/2 Drill)
  • 4 - 1/4 Flat Washers
  • 4 - 1/4 Screws 3 long
  • 2 - 1/4 Lag Bolts 7/16 Hex Head 3 Long
  • 4 - 5/16 Lag Bolts 1/2 Hex Head 2 Long
Lot of 2 (TWO) - 24" Satellite Dish Antenna w/ Hardware - FTA - Great for International TV Including Persian, Chinese, Arabic, Asian, Latin Television - 60cm - Mounting Brackets & Pole are Included - Pitvusa - Pi TV USA
Speakers (pitvusa)
  • Comes with 2 dishes and all the mounting brackets as shown
  • Multi-Sat Dish Antenna
  • ●Specification: Antenna Height:60 cm 24
  • ● Antenna Width:68 cm 27
  • ●Dish material: Steel
Vilso Vilso WM-022A Adjustable Outdoor Antenna Mount Pole - Attic Antenna Mount
CE (Vilso)
  • Made iron with a weather resistant seal black color
  • 1 diameter will fit most TV antennas and satellite dishes including lava, B01CKBFBC8 esky,better than ViewTV Universal TV Antenna Mast with J-Mount Bracket. viewtv...
  • Pole is 18.5 in length Solid structure to sustain harsh wether The J-Pole has a pivoting foot which allows installation on vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • Good for most of the the outdoor Antennas on the market Extra wide base for stability
  • Mounting hardware is included Screws and nuts are included, no hassel
2016 Directv Swm 3 Dish Kaku Slimline 13 Tuner Last Test Come 100 Ft Wire Black w/ End Ppc Fitting Xl Plus 10'' pc toy table, Signal Finder Full Hd Cable
CE (directv & adrielectronics)
  • DIRECTV HD Slimline Dish SWM 3 LNB Satellite Dish with (( FREE PC TABLE TOY 10TOUCH SCREEN)). (1 Output 13 tuner LNB & SWM ,splitter 4 way for multiple SWM receivers)...
  • complet dish kaku sliline pwer 21 volt ,100 ft wire cable with ppc fitting xl plus 6 feet wire rg6
  • 1 hdm wire 1 rg6 flat wire ,2 barrels 1 signal finder, 1 bubble to align plus 1 free directv remote control,IS hard to believe but it comes with everything you see...
  • great kit for house ,camping ,rv truck Works best if used with H20,H21,H24,HR21 and HR20 ,HR21 AND HR22,HR23,HR24 High Def receivers and the H25 newer receiver...
  • Note : Is not swm 5 Also this kit come with a directv antenna installation LINK IF YOU NEED plus 1 full page diagrame to easy understand NOTE:COME W/LONG MAST PLUS...
Able Signal Able Signal Mount Mounting Pole Mast for Antenna Satellite J-mount Dish Outdoor
CE (Able Signal)
  • Great for mounting antennas, satellite dishes, etc. Horizontal and Vertical mountable
  • 1 Outer diameter pole, see pictures for other dimensions.
  • Mounting hardware included, see pictures.
  • Works with our outdoor and indoor antennas. Amazon ASIN B00M5RXL5M and many others

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