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A Tempe woman says Dish Network ruined her roof with their installation, acknowledged it was a poor job, but won't fix their mistake. Who decides where a satellite dish is placed at your property and what is considered a poor job?

When any satellite TV installer shows up at your door, you expect them to know the safest and most appropriate location to place the dish. But as Teresa Synder found out, you need to be involved in that decision and don't let work begin until you have agreement.

"Any installer would know better than to put it where they put it, " Synder said.

Synder says she had just moved into her Tempe home the day before and had lots of contractors in her house that day. When the Dish Network tech showed up, the issue of where he planned to install the dish never came up.

"He never asked us at all, where to put it at all, he just proceeded to put it on the roof, " Synder said.

Not on the permanent roof, on the patio overhang. Synder couldn't believe when she saw all the ugly screws coming through. She was just getting ready to call Dish Network to complain, but she says Dish called her instead, saying they were sending a supervisor to her house for a random installation inspection.

"He said 'this is not correct, this is wrong, we need to correct this and we will fix it', " Synder said.

But a week later, Dish still hadn't shown up. Synder called to confirm an appointment date and got startling news.

"He just said all we can tell you is we are not going to fix it, even though the supervisor said they should, " Synder said.

Synder loves looking at her Dish Network channels, but not her hideous patio roof. She has no idea why the dish was placed there or when Dish Network will deliver on it's promise.

"Well, I think it's unfair, I want the dish moved, I want it put in a proper place and I want my roof fixed, " Synder said.

CBS 5 News reached out to Dish Network for an explanation. Dish Network acknowledged that their tech should have kept Synder better informed as to where the dish would be installed and that the work performed did not meet expectations. Dish Network recently sent a tech to Synder's home who relocated the dish to an appropriate area of the permanent roof and Dish Network has agreed to pay for repairs to Synder's patio roof. CBS 5 News wants to thank Dish Network for resolving this dispute so quickly and fairly.

If you're having a satellite dish installed on your home, make sure you ask where the tech plans to put it, add your input and make sure you agree on the final location.

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