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Here are some reasons that other DISH customers called 866-974-1617 recently:

GetHuman-uoldbuzz9d ago "Need to speak to their loyalty program reps"GetHuman-lbreilly3 mons ago "my dish was shut off. I paid my bill on June 9, 2016. What is the problem?"GetHuman-aplunk3 mons ago

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Here are some things that other customers said after calling 866-974-1617 and talking to a DISH customer service agent:

"Please do not stop carrying the SciFi channel. It is one of our very wat..."GetHuman-punkonfi6 mons ago "Can't read TV Guide. The font is so small. Americans with disabilities..."GetHuman-nadinem28 mons ago "Misrepresented on channels DISH has"GetHuman-goodpap8 mons ago

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