Direction of satellite dish

Direction of satellite dish

It depends on the service provider's satellite position in space and the position of earth station (the antenna).

The antenna is pointed towards the direction from where it can get a maximum feed (stronger signal). This position/direction is defined by the two look angles: Azimuth and Elevation.

Elevation is the vertical angle which refers to the angle made by the satellite signals with the horizontal plane at a particular point on Earth, where the dish antenna is to be mounted. And Azimuth is the rotational angle along the vertical axis of the antenna which refers to the angle between the satellite and Earth's true North.

Thus, we must tilt the dish vertically till the elevation is achieved and then rotate it side-by-side to get maximum feed. Besides, there are many online calculators which use the information of the satellite position and your location to determine these angles, using some mathematical formulae.

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