How to Setup dish Network satellite?

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Check the setup spot for your Dish Network satellite dish. You should have a chosen area planned out, but it is suitable for your dish? Make sure the dish can be installed completely flush with the surface area beneath it. Also, make sure the dish is installed in a level fashion. Make sure the dish is level by using a hand-held level tool and checking the orientation of the dish along several of its points once it is installed.

Connect the satellite receiver to the television. Locate the included A/V cables provided for standard installation. These are the common red, yellow and white plugs that come with many electronic devices. Plug one end of these cables into the back of your television, and the other end into the back of the satellite receiver box. These connections are all color-coded with the red, yellow and white cables. Then, connect the power plug of the receiver into your nearby outlet. Connect the satellite dish to the satellite receiver by running the wire lead from the satellite down to the receiver. Make sure this wire can be run directly and without the use of a splitter, as this will deaden and weaken the signal too much.

Power on the satellite receiver and wait for the signal meter screen to appear on the television. Have a friend stay by the television and report back from the signal meter screen as you return to the satellite dish.

Point the satellite dish to the southern sky, and then set the elevation. To do so, loosen the nuts near the elevation bolts on the dish, and then move the dish up and down slightly. Have your friend report back from the signal meter screen as to the signal's strength, so you will know how close you are to achieving the correct elevation.

Set the azimuth on your dish the same way you did the elevation, except make sure to loosen the nuts on the LNB dish arm. Then, move the dish side to side slightly. Wait for reports back from the signal meter screen after each movement. Once a signal reading of between 70 to 80 is achieved, you can enjoy your newly set up Dish Network satellite service.

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