Satellite dish Installer jobs

Fta and paytv satellite Dish

Satellite antenna installers generally work for companies which provide television services to customers. These employees install satellites so that service can be received; prior to carrying out a job, they must review their instructions and make sure that the satellites are permitted to be installed in the given place per local, state, and federal regulations. Problem-solving is also important in this position, as some jobs may not be as straightforward as others. There may be obstructions, such as trees or other buildings, that will hinder the reception of a good signal.

This job requires traveling from place to place to get work done, so a valid driver’s license is generally required. Satellite antenna installers may work alone or in small teams and may be subjected to harsh weather conditions such as heat, so it is important to be able to tolerate such conditions. These installers should also have sufficient physical strength, as they may be required to carry heavy objects or even bring them onto roofs. The abilities to climb, bend, stoop, and stand for long periods of time are all important, and they may have additional duties regarding the repair and maintenance of satellite antennae depending on the employer. It is also important to be able to use hand and power tools, such as power drills and screwdrivers.

Some positions do not have minimum educational requirements, while others require a minimum of a high school diploma. In some cases, satellite antenna installers are also salespersons for the satellite services, so commission may be offered. Positions are both full-time and part-time, and some installers may be paid on an on-call or per-job basis.

Satellite Antenna Installer Tasks

  • Measure and document installation locations and height/depth of equipment.
  • Review specifications, permits and regulations to ensure compliance.
  • Survey sites, select equipment locations, and install and test antennas.

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