How to install motorised satellite dish?

Rotational Axis and Motor

Our programme is suitable for participants with extensive practical experience of installing ASTRA and Eutelsat fixed dish installations.

Our programme will impart a working knowlege of motorised satellite dish installations.

By the end of our programme all participants will be able to install a KU band motorised satellite dish.

- A review of azimuth and elevation angles.
- Encryption standards and implications for STBs.
- LNB options and adjustments.
- The suitability of different cables for motorised systems.
- Different methods of polarisation selection.
- Techniques for site surveys.
- Provide an awareness of health & safety issues.

Learning Outcomes
This programme will enable all participants to;
- Carry out a site survey for motorised dish suitability.
- Assemble and correctly align a motorised satellite dish.

Learning Style
This programme is classroom based with a PowerPoint presentation and contains theoretical and practical learning techniques. Installation techniques will be explained and opportunities to put the knowledge gained into practice will be provided. All types of motorised systems will be covered but practical work will be exclusively DiSEqC.

Assessment Method
The assessment method for this programme is by means of a multiple choise open book assessment paper with a pass mark of 65%.

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