Satellite dish signal Booster

The reflector portion of a satellite dish concentrates radio signals into the low-noise block amplifier located in the end of the feed horn. If you have poor reception in your home or at a place you frequent, you can use an old satellite dish to concentrate signals into a cellphone instead of the LNB. You can't do this with a satellite dish you are using for TV reception or any other purpose. Use a cellphone with a speaker.

Things You'll Need

  • Satellite dish
  • Cigarette box
  • Masking tape

Step 1

Use the box from a pack of cigarettes and masking tape to fashion a pocket in front of the feed horn on a satellite that is not connected to a receiver. Remove any foil from inside the box.

Step 2

Place your cellphone in the pocket so that you can see the signal strength meter and point the satellite dish toward the nearest cell tower or metropolitan area. Look for the strongest signal.

Step 3

Remove the cellphone from the pocket but hold it as near to it as you can while marking a number, turn on the cellphone speaker and return the cellphone into the pocket.

Step 4

Place your head as close as you can to the cellphone while talking, but avoid blocking the signal with your head. You may have to speak louder than usual.

Arris 4-Port (Formerly Motorola S-4) Bi-Directional Cable TV, OTA, Satellite HDTV Amplifier Splitter Signal Booster with Passive Return And Coax Cable Package - cableTVamps®
Speakers (Motorola)
  • The BDA-42-4-PR-R is a Bi-Directional Cable TV Amplifier designed for use in homes. Boosts signal by more than 12x
  • Compatible With All Standard And Digital Cable TV Services, OTA Antenna And Satellite Services (When Using With A Satellite Received, Amplifer MUST Be Used On The...
  • Meets all applicable I surge standards for all output ports, which enhances system reliability.
  • Weather Seal and Protective Coating allow use of the Amplifier for Indoor or Outdoor Applications.
  • Reduces snow and prevents image pixelation with digital cable. Coaxial cable INCLUDED
20 dB In-Line Amplifier Fixed Slope 20dB Satellite Signal Inline Booster Amp LNB Dish TV Video DSS DBS Digital Antenna Coaxial Cable Run Channel Strength, 950-2150 MHz
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  • For long satellite cable runs. No need for separate power supply. Commercial Grade
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LeaningTech SF-9505A Mini Digital TV Antenna Satellite Signal Finder Meter, TV Signal Strength Meter, TV Reception Systems, with LCD Display and Compass, Black&White
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  • LeaningTech SF-9505A is reliable and accurate, because it is microprocessor controlled.
  • Signal strength is showed on the LCD-display in the form of thermometer scales and in the numbers 0~99.
  • In-line IF signal strength meter. Built-in light and electric buzzer.
  • LeaningTech SF-9505A is able to show pitch of tones on a buzzer. The higher tone, the better signal.
  • LeaningTech SF-9505A is so sensitive that even can detect the weakest signals.
RCL Power RCL Power Satellite Inline Amplifier Signal Booster Dish Network Antenna
Speakers (RCL Power)
  • This signal amplifier is compatible with all satellite systems.
  • 20dB Gain High Quality Amplifier
  • For long satellite cable runs and improvement of satellite signal strength.
  • No need for separate power supply.
  • Dimensions: 80mm x 30mm x 19mm

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