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I am DISH customer for past 8 months. I subscribed because I had received good reviews about their service from a friend. Well, you only find out how good a company is when you run into a "real" problem. Unfortunately that experience has left me frustrated, almost in disbelief. The problem has been plaguing us for last few months. We have been consistently getting pay-per-view movies and other shows being charged to our bill every month. When I had called few months earlier to report this, they insisted someone has got to be ordering these at our home, since it can only be done via a remote control.

Now I know that did not happen (based on who lives here), but I I acknowledged their concern and followed their direction to secure (with password and filters) all the receivers to prevent any accidental ordering. However, even after that, we continue to get these charges every month. No one other than me has access to this password, and we would never order the kind of movies and sports being purchased. We don't order, period. I called DISH again, hoping to find a solution, talked to multiple representatives, all the way to someone (Mellisa, GVI) at the President's office. Their response was unbelievable like it was rehearsed, like they are hiding something about a known issue. They all insisted that it had to be someone at our home ordering it, and "THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT".

I told them that was impossible. No one at our home has access to order this. All the receivers are secured, but they refused to acknowledge that. They continued to insist that the system cannot be hacked (but then, curiously, asked me to disconnect the internet!). I know for a fact that it has been compromised or hacked, or mistaken billing, but I don't know how to prove that. And round and round we went, I got nothing. Would I be ordering $64 boxing matches 5 in morning? I don't even like boxing!!
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