Dual LNB satellite dish

A dual LNB (Low Noise Block-Down Converter) is an LNB system that features two outputs rather than one and allows satellite television subscribers to watch multiple channels on separate television sets simultaneously. Dual LNB systems use only one parabolic satellite dish, but have two cable connections that are connected to separate televisions in the user’s house. When the LNB collects television signals, it splits them into two equal signals that each television receives at the same time. Like dual LNB systems, triple and quadruple LNB systems are also available.

How LNBs Works

An LNB is used to convert high microwave frequencies that transfer television signals across long distances into low digital signals that can be transferred through a cable line. LNBs do this by running a voltage from the user’s receiver to power an oscillator found on the parabolic dish that produces a fixed frequency. This fixed frequency is then combined with the incoming frequency to produce two separate signals that equal the sum and the difference of the two frequencies respectively. The sum of the two frequencies is filtered out and the difference is redirected to the user’s receiver as a digital signal that is proportional to the original incoming microwave frequency.


Both personal and commercial satellite television subscribers use dual LNBs to direct the same signals to multiple televisions sets, in much the same way cable television subscribers use multiple cables from the same line to watch different channels on separate televisions. Dual LNBs may also be required in environments in which a subscriber is dependent on a single satellite for both television and Internet services.


Dual LNBs are advantageous because they provide subscribers with the same benefits that a regular LNB does, but also allow them to watch different channels on separate televisions. A dual LNB is no more complicated than a regular LNB as the system is connected directly to the parabolic dish and only requires the user to connect the appropriate cable to each television that he/she wishes to use.

Speakers (DIRECTV)
  • One(1) DIRECTV DUAL LNB 18
  • Genuine DirecTV Product
  • Excellent isolation with Superior Low Noise
  • Compatible with DirecTV system
  • For use with one or two receivers
Direct TV 46DTVDE218 Round Dish W/dual Lnb
CE (Direct TV)
  • 18 inches directv dish
  • dual lnbf for satellite 101w directv. connect two receivers
  • it doesnot work with Directv genie receivers or h25 receivers
  • long foot mast for wall or roof mount.
  • standard definition only
Sharp Electronics DishPro Plus LNB
CE (Sharp Electronics)
  • DishPro Plus LNB. Dual outputs to two single-tuner receivers or two-dual tuner receivers.
  • Third orbital location can be fed into this LNBF
DMS International DSS922 DSS Dual LNBF for Anik F3 118.7 & 119 Satellite Dish
CE (DMS International)
  • Designed to receive 119 & 118.7 at the same time
  • Dual output allows you to use 2 receivers at the same time and recieve all the channels from both 119 and 118.7 at the same time.
  • Works on Echostar 3 at 61.5, Echostar 6/8 at 110, Echostar 7 at 119, Anik-F3 at 118.7W, Echostar 1/2 at 148,
  • And other DSS satellites including DirecTV and Bell ExpressVu
  • Works with Dish Network Dish 500 to Receive 110/118/119 Satellites when used with another Legacy LNB
  • Works with Dish Network Receivers and FTA
DirecTV DirecTV 18" Round Satellite Dish with Dual LNB (18SINGLEDISH)
Speakers (DirecTV)
  • Rectangular style Feed Tube
  • Reflector Material: 0.033 Galvanized Steel
  • 2 dia. Universal Wall/Roof mount

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