Dish satellite Troubleshooting


Dish Network Receiver Not Getting Channels? - Have you returned from vacation and discovered your Dish Network receiver has lost some/most/all of its channels? Before you think about calling Dish Network, here are a few tips:

First, make sure your receiver is getting signal from the dish. Tune to channel 101 and confirm you have a picture. If not, your TV screen should read: "Progress 0 of 5" and never get beyond that. Using your remote control, press "MENU" "6" "1" "1" to access the receiver's "Point Dish" screen. Change the "Satellite" selection to 119 and then scroll through the transponders. You should be receiving signal above 15 on several transponders and have a green bar along the bottom (Note: some transponders will be 0. This is normal). If all transponders read 0 or all are below 15 and you have red or yellow signal bars, then a) your dish is not on the satellite,
b) you have something blocking the dish
c) your receiver is not correctly connected to the dish cables, or
d) your outside "LNB" amplifier has failed. They can do this after a few years in the Baja heat. Recheck all your connections. The next most likely problem is that your dish has blown off satellite or you have something in front of the dish blocking the signal. Check to see if the dish is loose or cables have become disconnected, and/or remove vegetation that has grown up during the summer above or in front of the dish. If you still can't identify the problem, there is no need to call Dish Network. Call your installer instead.

If you DO have good signal and a picture on the 101 channel, then most likely your receiver failed to receive the monthly re-authorization signal. This can happen, especially if your receiver has been unplugged for a month or more. In this case, you will need to contact Dish Network and request them to send a "ReHit" for your receiver. But you want to make sure they don't try to send a technician out to troubleshoot the problem. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. First, make sure you have your current Dish Network account information in front of you. You will need to know the address and phone number Dish Network has on file to identify your account. If you don't have this information then get it from your installer. Do this first.
  2. Dial 800 333 3474 and follow the prompts for "Technical Support" Answer "No" when prompted if you would like to try to fix the problem yourself, and wait for a technician.
  3. Explain to the technician that you've been away for a while, your receiver has been unplugged, and you just need a "ReHit" to restore your programming. Tell him/her you have good signal and that you have the Dish Network information channel on 101.

If you have recently added programming to your account, or are missing certain channels that you think you should have, be aware that some Dish Network channels may not be available in all areas. Dish network has a number of satellites that can be seen in the US. Most of the regular, standard-definition Dish Network programming on the West Coast of the US is on the 119° satellite. There is also quite a bit of programming on the 110° satellite. The 129° satellite carries mainly high definition channels. For a list of channels on the 119° satellite, please visit:

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