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Ask about our 1st-year savings, or our 2-Year TV Price Guarantee.

The Hopper and Joey is DISH's new Whole Home HD-DVR Receiver System. It's a free receiver upgrade when you order th Top 120 or above. Monthly Hopper fee: $10.

HD programming is free for Life when you order any of our most popular packages!

Locals channels, like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, Univision, Telefutura, etc, are included at no extra cost (except in the Flex Pack, locals are not included).

As part of the lease program, there is no upfront cost for popular equipment configurations.

In many areas next-day installation is available! Professional standard installation is included for free.

We are the only ones offering a $100 gift card with new orders.

There is no activation fee with a 24 month agreement to DISH Network.

Since HD programming is free with so many of our packages we're offering the necessary HD equipment free, without any upgrade charges.

Enjoy the premium content of HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and the DISH Movie Pack free for three months, with no obligation. There is no penalty to cancel this programming.

DISH Movie Pack (formerly the Blockbuster @HOME package) is a premium-content channel, with a suite of live and on-demand programming.

The simplest way to integrate DISH Network into your RV, Camper, or Motorhome, is to also have an account for your House.

We offer what we call the Home and RV bundle. Sign up for DISH TV service in your home and easily take the service with you in your RV when you travel.

Take DISH TV with you! We can help equip your RV with DISH Network.

Flexible Plans. We offer several different types of setups and account options.

Home & RV Satellite TV. We have plans that make it easy for you to enjoy DISH Network in your RV and your home, all on one bill.

Distant Locals are not available. If you travel a lot, but still want the major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS, we recommend using a separate over the air antenna.

Common Questions about the Satellite TV for your RV promotion

How much does it cost to get DISH TV in my RV? (Four Options)
It depends on a few things. If you select our, then it can cost as low as $29.99 per month, with virtually no upfront cost to you. This is how most people do it. We have four options that are further described on this page.

  1. (new customer)

The Tailgater is a convenient and affordable portable HD Satellite TV solution.

Can I get distant locals while I travel?
No. DISH Network used to offer a distant locals package (sometimes called DNS) for qualified customers using a recreational vehicle (RV). DISH has decided to drop this service. The distant locals service used to offer programming from California and/or New York and covered the major networks: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and the national PBS station. Our recommendation now to receive local channel while travelling is to outfit your TV or qualified DISH receiver with an over the air (OTA) antenna to receive the distant locals.

What's the easiest way to get DISH Network in my RV?
The simplest and least expensive way to get satellite TV for your RV or Motorhome is to have full time service. Most of our customers have the service installed in their primary residence as well as their camper. The installation and equipment for your home is free and then you can either use your RV's existing dish with one of your receivers, or you can purchase a separate dish antenna for your RV.

Four Options to order DISH Network for your RV / Motorhome / Camper

Option (1)
Bundle Satellite TV for your Home and RV (New Customer)
By bundling together your home account with your RV you get all of today's special promotions. This is a full-time solution with one DISH Network bill. When you want service in your RV take one, or more, of the receivers from your home with you. Set them up in your RV, and you're good to hit the road.

If you already have a satellite dish installed in your RV then that makes the process even easier, and no additional equipment is required (as long as your dish is compatible with DISH Network satellite). But if you need a dish (for your RV), one can easily be purchased via your local retailer (such as a Camping World).

There is only one monthly bill with our Home and RV bundle solution.

Option (2)
Full-Time Satellite TV Service, RV only (New Customer)
If you do not have a permanent address, and live in your RV, you will need to contact a local retailer. This is an entirely different set-up and relationship with DISH.

Option (3)
Part-Time Satellite TV Service, RV Only (New Customer)
If you are only looking for part-time service, then DISH Network offers a "Pay as You Go" option, in several different formats. Please contact DISH, or your local retailer directly.

Option (4)
Existing DISH Network Customer wanting to add RV service
Adding RV service to your existing DISH Network account is easy. Go to a local retailer, such as Camping World, and purhcase a compatible satellite antenna, and maybe a dedicated DISH receiver.

The Home and RV bundle refers to the customer signing up for the 24 month residential agreement, known as the DHA 24. The customer can bring a receiver from their home and connect it to a compatible dish in their RV and receive service. Please call for full offer details and explanations. If an additional dish is required the customer may purchase one on their own, or we can offer them one. If the customer is looking for part-time service in their RV only they will be linked off-site to one of our partners. SSN is not responsible for any content published or advertised on partner sites.

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Winegard Winegard GM-2035 White Carryout G2 Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Winegard)
  • Offers Live TV Viewing For The On-the-go Lifestyle
  • Compact & Ultra lightweight Antenna
  • Fully Automatic, Making It Perfect For Rving, Camping, Tailgating & More
  • Compatible With Dish(r) (sd & Hd), Directv(r) (sd) & Bell TV (sd & Hd) Programming
  • Works With A Wide Variety Of Receivers
  • Compatible with DIRECTV, DISH, and Bell TV
  • 100 percent automatic, Supports 2 receivers
  • Portable, Easy grip handle
  • Dimensions: 14.3 inch diameter, 13.5 inch height, Includes 50 foot Coax Cable and 50 foot 12 Volt Power Cord
  • Black

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