Satellite dish Ireland

Ireland 88cm Triax Satellite

Instructions for people in UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England

Choose the orbit longitude of satellite you want to see using the pull down menu at box at the lower left. Put your mouse cursor near your location and then double click or simply drag the map. The map image will move so that the chosen point is in the centre. The latitude and longitude of the dot at the centre of the map is then displayed below, together with your satellite dish pointing angles: azimuth, elevation and polarisation. To improve accuracy, click on the plus sign + in the maps scale control at the top left side of the map. The scale changes so that you can home in accurately on your location. Repeat several times. Select Map or Satellite version and see the satellite photo image of the ground or even a view of your own house as seen from space ! Alternatively input your town or postcode below:

Dish pointing (Azimuth and elevation mount):

Set the dish elevation (up/down) angle first. There may be a scale on the back. An inclinometer may be of use if you know the dish elevation offset angle. Set the feed rotation polarisation angle also. There may be polarisation rotation scale on the LNB feed horn throat. Facing towards the satellite in the sky, clockwise polarisation rotation is positive, negative is anticlockwise. For Astra Sky Satellite add +7 deg, for Eutelsat Hotbird satellite add +3.5 deg polarisation angle.

For the azimuth angle (sideways) use a magnetic compass and swing the dish boldly sideways to find the satellite on the first swing. Then spend half an hour peaking up. Peaking up is really important for long term service quality and minimum outage time during rain fades.

Only your latitude matters. Set the main motor axis angle and the small downward tilt of the dish and with the motor central align the dish towards the due south satellite. Motor rotation angles to the east are positive, to the west negative.

Safety Warning:

The results of this page may be in error, The latitude and longitude are not intended for the blind navigation of aircraft, ship or other vehicle purposes. Dish pointing angles may be wrong. Magnetic azimuth bearings are approximate. Use is entirely at your own risk. Apply common sense and don't believe every number that comes out of a computer system. Take care with satellite dish pointing to not injure others by dropping tools or hurting yourself by falling down.

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