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Satellite dishes are not necessarily only for people that live in remote areas. There are many areas where the television reception is not good due to the terrain or just because the towers simply do not reach it properly. Jims Antennas can ascertain whether you need a dish for your reception.

Satellite dishes provide television reception where the ordinary antenna fails. If you are in a remote location or your house in located at the bottom of a gully – or a long way from a tower – you may find that your TV reception is poor or non-existent. In such cases, a dish can work where an antenna does not. Jims Antennas are really good at installing the dish – and these days, you don’t need to have one that is 12 feet in diameter as was necessary in the olden days.

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Satellite Dishes

In fact, the dish you get may only be 90cm across, so if you were worried about it looking ugly or taking up a lot of room, forget it. These days the technology has improved so much that dishes need only be quite small. This technology allows you to access digital signals from space rather than from the land-based towers that have been erected. Of course, towers beam the signal into space where they are picked up by the many satellites that sail around in space. These satellites beam the signal back to earth so hills and other things do not get in the way.

We can ensure that you get the best picture for your television whether you use a dish or an antenna. We can supply the correct kind of dish for your location and set it up so that you get pay TV or a free channel. We will know whether your dish needs to pick up one or two signals from the satellites. If two, then we will ensure that there are two horns – the part that the dish reflects the signal into so that the noise can be removed and it can enter your television.

Jims Antennas technicians know that it sometimes gives a clearer signal to use two horns on one dish instead of just one. We can ensure that your television signal is the best you can possibly get for your location. There is no need to miss out on television; if you have had trouble with reception in the past call us and we will sort it out for you.

GeosatPro GEOSAT 36" 90cm FTA Satellite Dish and SL2-PLL Dual Standard LNBF
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  • 90cm dish with dual output ku-band lnbf
  • FTA dish with dual standard lnbf
GeosatPro GeosatPro 36 inch 90cm FTA Satellite Dish (NO LNBF)
Speakers (GeosatPro)
  • GeosatPro 90cm satellite dish (no LNBF)
  • High quality fta satellite dish

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