Satellite dish Extension pole

This item will connect 2 poles

Welcome to our Satellite FAQ page. This is our home for the most frequently asked questions regarding DIRECTV and DISH Network satellite. Many of the same principles such as cable type and amplification apply to both, but for everything else please click on one of the logos below to find your answers.
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If I purchase a satellite dish, can I install it myself?
Many customers have made the choice to purchase the equipment themselves and install it themselves, it just depends on your skill level. We have helped many people install a satellite dish for the first time. While installing the dish may not be that difficult, it does take some patience and a lot of fine tuning. Contact the Solid Signal Tech Support for documentation, and videos on how to install your dish.
What satellite dish do I need for DIRECTV HD?
This depends on what satellite your local HD Channels are broadcast. This information is not easy to find. One way is to call DIRECTV to find out where your locals are coming from.

Currently there are two main types of satellite dishes. The SL3 or Slim Line 3 Dish receives satellite 99, 101, and 103. The SL5 or Slim Line 5 Dish receivers all the same satellites as the SL3 (99, 101, 103) Plus satellite 110 and 119. So if you are unsure we recommend getting the SL5 Dish that covers all satellites necessary to get DIRECTV HD

Does the SWM Dish work with the SWM Switches?
No, it is either a standard SL3 or SL5 dish going into a SWM Switch, like the SWM8 SWM16 or SWM32, or you can buy a SWM Dish which has the technology built-in.
What are my options for getting DIRECTV HD in my RV?
Currently there are two options:

For an RV Mounted system the Trav´ler by Winegard is the solution. It has access to all five of the DIRECTV satellites.

For a mobile setup that is not vehicle mounted, you can get a standard SL3 or SL5 dish and a tripod kit. Like this one.

How do I ground my DIRECTV Satellite Dish?

Grounding in most DIRECTV setups consists of a high frequency grounding block to ground all the cables before they enter...

Conwork 6-Pack 90 Degree Right Aerial Angled RF Coaxial TV Aerial Lead Coax PAL Connector to Socket for RG6 Cable Antenna Adapter Solderless -Male Plug
Speakers (Conwork)
  • Connects to CATV TV/FM cable that enable you can plug it into the CATV TV/FM Antenna Wall Jack, RF Signal Amplifier and Antenna Booster, etc.
  • 9.5mm TV jack with screw cap solderless for TV coaxial aerial cables.
  • 90 Degree Right Aerial Angled TV Cable Connector ideal for Wall Mounted TVs
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Package Contents: 6 x 9.5mm TV RF PAL Connector Plugs. Lifetime Warranty.

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