Satellite dish Chimney mounting

Wood-antenna-baseGetting your antenna in the air can sometimes be challenging. Not all of us have unlimited real estate and 120 foot towers at our disposal to hang any radiator on that we please. We all have to work within the confines of our situation, meaning limited space, property restrictions, access, or even budget. Thinking about those situations, here’s some creative ideas for mounting your antenna that work well in limited spaces or modest budgets.

Portable bases

A portable base can run the range of a spike or peg that you pound into the ground to a wooden frame that’s moveable. One such user built a heavy base out of 4×4 lumber for his Slim Jim Antenna. This type of base would look nice in the corner of your apartment or sitting out on your exterior patio or deck.4 Giving the base a nice coat of stain and lacquering the antenna would certainly turn the entire piece into a decorative art project.

A simpler approach to the wooden base is one built out of PVC tubing. You can build a lightweight base for your antenna out of 1 inch Schedule 40 PVC and a few t-connectors. Total cost: about $5.00. A dab of PVC cement in the connectors will keep the base from falling over due to the weight of the antenna.

Speaking of decorative art projects, many apartments don’t allow antennas or similar devices on balconies. But you can put out flowers and plants. Why not ‘plant’ your antenna in a large flower pot filled with landscape stone and disguise the antenna with some plastic plants or vine. As long as the plastic flowers don’t have metal wire in them, their presence shouldn’t affect the SWR of your antenna. Plus getting your antenna outside will increase its performance greatly than if it was sitting inside your apartment.

KB9VBR 2 meter J-Pole antenna 0514151601 This duplex has three mounts installed on the side of the house. Two are unused and one (possibly) still in service.
Winegard Satellite Dish Chimney J-Pipe Mount with 12' FT Steel Strap Complete DBS Support Bracket Hardware Kit Rooftop Outdoor Antenna Signal
CE (Winegard)
  • 4 Hex Bolts 1/2
  • 2 Galvanized Steel Straps 12
  • 4 Screw Type Strap Grips
  • 4 Lock Washers
  • 1 Galvanized Steel Chimney Mount
Satellite Dish Chimney Mount 12 FT Stainless Steel Straps with Turn Buckle Tightening for Mounting Antenna J-Mount 1.66 OD 18 and 24 Inch Satellite Dish or Off Air Antenna
  • 2 - 12 FT Stainless Steel Straps
  • Only works with J-Mount models MTW300 and DS200 (Sold Seperatly)
  • 4 - Strap Clips
  • 2 - Turnbuckles
  • 1 - Base Mount
Skywalker Skywalker Signature Series Y Type Chimney Mount with 18ft Steel Straps
CE (Skywalker)
  • Model SKY6027 Chimney mount includes (2) Y-type brackets
  • 18ft steel straps
  • bolts and clamps
LeaningTech SF-9505A Mini Digital TV Antenna Satellite Signal Finder Meter, TV Signal Strength Meter, TV Reception Systems, with LCD Display and Compass, Black&White
Speakers (LeaningTech)
  • LeaningTech SF-9505A is reliable and accurate, because it is microprocessor controlled.
  • Signal strength is showed on the LCD-display in the form of thermometer scales and in the numbers 0~99.
  • In-line IF signal strength meter. Built-in light and electric buzzer.
  • LeaningTech SF-9505A is able to show pitch of tones on a buzzer. The higher tone, the better signal.
  • LeaningTech SF-9505A is so sensitive that even can detect the weakest signals.
Stellar Labs 38" J-Pole Antenna Mount
Speakers (Stellar Labs)
  • 38 mast height
  • 1 5/8 mast diameter
  • Lag bolt with pitch pad kit available separately

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