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Mount the satellite dish to the bracket, and put in the necessary bolts to hold it in place. Do not tighten the bolts too much, as you need to adjust the dish to get a signal. With the receiver off, connect the appropriate cable from it to the dish. Next, find out the coordinates of your location.

Once you have your latitude and longitude values, visit on an Internet-enabled device, and enter the coordinates in the appropriate fields. Additionally, enter your orbital position. Click the Click To Calculate Results button. Note down the value in the box with the label "Dish azimuth (deg E relative to magnetic north)."

With the aid of a compass, use the azimuth value you noted to align your dish. Afterwards, turn the receiver on, choose the name of the satellite, and look for the settings dealing with signal strength and quality. Move the dish slightly until you get the best signal quality and strength.

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