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Hi Simpra, Perhaps you'd provide us with more detail of your dwelling environment (type and number of units, distribution, separation, what you have currently?) and what you are attempting to achieve and why?

We'll then either be able to offer advice, or point you at a commercial organisation that can.

Simply put, a MUD (multi unit dwelling) can comprise a conventional domestic installation, with a single shared antenna and multiswitches & amplifiers which distribute the signal to each dwelling. This works absolutely fine in a small apartment complex, for example. Much neater than a roof (or balconies) full of antennae! The apartment complex where I live uses such a conventional installation. it uses off-the-shelf decoders and requires no special settings on the decoders and has worked really well in the 10-years I've lived here since new. There are some important tips and hints and I'll gladly share them if you intend to go down that route.

However there are very specialised installations for larger more highly distributed homes, in gated communities, for example. These may also use a single antenna, but typically use additional non-domestic equipment to distribute the signals and sometimes special decoders. Standard decoders, where used, frequently require special settings, too.

So it's really a question of what your environment physically looks like and what you want to achieve.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, K.

Lounge: Dual LNB feed, 5.2 Explora Switch, Explora, LG 42" LED TV, HDMI + Fibre audio, Pioneer HT Amp (5.1), Tannoy S8s x 5, 5 15" Tannoy Sub. LG Blu-ray; Simplink working
Bedroom: Unicable & VER/HOR Feeds from lounge: 2P PVR, Explora, Sony V-Series TV, HDMI + Fibre audio, Sony Blu-ray HT System (5.1), Slingbox Solo; no XV; Bravia Sync working

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