Commercial satellite dish

Commercial satellite operators

The DigiCipher® II high definition encoder enables broadcasters to transmit sharp, digital video with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Fully ATSC DTV compliant, the DigiCipher II high definition encoder is designed to meet the stringent quality demands of the professional broadcast/cable programming industries. With over a decade of digital television expertise and a leadership role in the high definition Grand Alliance, the high definition encoder incorporates a practical implementation of Motorola’s advanced technology.

STORECAM - Our live 24x7 cam. live streaming video using satellite Starband. Look into the life of a satellite retailer. This cam usually sees action between 10:00am EST., and 6:00pm EST.. USA.

DirecTV the private war on Hackers

Tivo, Wink, OpenTV, Ultimate TV, HDTV, PVR and the industry.

Two way systems In motion internet Palm, PDA, Windows CE, Starband, AOLTV and the future.

2 Way Splitter 2600 MHz All Port Passing 2600 MHz Splitter All Port Voltage DC Power Passing Low and High Frequency Off-Air Signal UHF/VHF CATV Video Splitter
Speakers (NAC Wire and Cables)
  • Mini diplexer
  • all port DC passive splitter
  • Low through loss and higher isolation design with surface mount technology
  • Allows off air and satellite signals to be fed on a single coax cable
  • DC power passive to power LNB and pre-amps
ASKA Satellite Signal Meter Finder Strength Level Finder Commercial Grade Dish TV Antenna Squawker Locator Tester, 950-2050 MHz, Heavy Duty Metal Case
  • 75 Ohm 950MHz-2050MHz input
  • Input level 40dBm-10dBm
  • Power requirement 13V-18V DC supplied by receiver
  • High sensitive illuminated meter
  • Easily set up satellite dishes on RVs, motor homes, picnic tables, truck, decks, roofs, or anywhere you want to setup your dish
3x4 Satellite Multiswitch Amplifier Compensated Multi-Switch HMS-4APE Outdoor Off-Air UHF/VHF Direct Input LNBF DBS Digital Video Receiver Distribution Commercial Grade Signal Splitter
Speakers (DIRECTV)
  • Holland 4 way DBS amplified multi-switch. Allows up to 4 satellite receivers to be Connected when using a Dual LNB Dish
  • Also Allows UHF/VHF Antenna Signals to be Distributed to all 4 Satellite Receivers Using an Optional RCA Diplexer on the TV. 3in-4 out
DIRECTV 3x4 Multi-Switch Satellite Commercial Grade Digital DBS Dish Off-Air Direct Input UHF VHF Channel Video Receiver Distribution Splitter
Speakers (DIRECTV)
  • 4 way DBS multi-switch. Commercial Grade, 2-4 satellite receivers
  • 4 way multi-switch with UHF/VHF antenna mixing
  • Up to four satellite receivers can independently select different satellite channels plus antenna with diplexer
  • Universally compatible with most brands of digital satellite. Passive terrestrial signal
3 GHz Quad Ground Block 4 Way Grounding High Frequency Commercial Grade Coax Cable 75 Ohm Mount Voltage Protection Outdoor TV Antenna Satellite Dish Digital Video Signal
  • This ground block is used to ground upto 4 coax cables from a multi-switch, satellite dish or outdoor antenna
  • Used to ground and help protect fragile electronics such as satellite receivers and televisions
  • from damaging lightning strikes and power surges
  • Ground block configuration way vary

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