Automatic satellite dish for RV

Winegard GM-2000 White Carryout G2 Automatic Portable Satellite TV AntennaThe key to great television viewing when you are traveling in your RV is…a great satellite television system. It’s not just an antenna, either. In order to make the guy in the camper parked next to you at that fishing resort shake his head you need something substantial.

You need a massively impressive system that matches your simply awesome 50-some-foot RV. The RV satellite reviews may say one thing but let us tell you that you need a great RV TV antenna and an equally incredible satellite receiver to make it worth plugging into a flat screen TV and its all powered with free power from your solar power kit.

The best portable satellite dish and antennas are right here to save you time figuring it out for yourself. If you are looking for the best HDTV for your RV, check out these reviews.

So you can’t wait to get into the RV Park and have to positively see the latest episode of your favorite soap opera. The Winegard GM-2000 provides live TV viewing to solve that problem.

It’s another one of those easy to use satellite TV for RV units as it is fully automatic and is compatible with many different services.

Plug it in and it will find the service you use and feed you programming. It also supports two receivers so you could be watching something on the overhead TV in the backseat and someone else is catching the ball game back in the kitchen. It can happen as we’ve done it!

You will find the Wineguard GM-2000 is 100% compatible with Bell TV, DIRECTV and DISH and can support 2 receivers. It is one of the most compact RV TV satellite dishes for on the road travel in your RV, camping out or using on your tailgate.

The DISH tailgater is one of the best portable satellite dish systems available because it is fully automatic. What that means is you get parked in your RV space.

You set this satellite TV for RV up on a solid footing and it will automatically find your DISH Network system by itself. There is no separate remote control, which is one less thing to lose when you are out on the road in your RV…

It’s an antenna and receiver in one which scores points simply because it’s just one item that does the work of two. There are also 50-feet of coaxial cable and it just takes minutes to get you watching your favorite shows or movies on your RV TV.

All you need to do is to place the Dish anywhere on your campsite with a clear view of the sky. You just have to plug it in and stand back. It is so intelligent, it will alert you through on screen diagnostics if the satellite signal is partially or even completely blocked. m

For SD and HD programming and reception of the DISH Network, you will need the customer supplied DISH Network receiver which is compatible with ViP211k, ViP211 or 411 models.

Did someone say ‘bundle?’ The popular and portable satellite dish antenna and the best satellite receiver combined in the KING Tailgater for HD TV reception make this a pretty sweet package.

In fact, it is ready to work right out of the package it comes in. The HD receiver does the hard work while you get to sit and watch the spoils of RV TV life after getting the antenna set up (it’s pretty easy). 15 minutes is the approximate setup time.

As for the setup location, you need to place the DISH VQ4510 KING Tailgater on the ground, or on a flat and stable surface. It will auto aim to connect to the satellites.

The KING Tailgater is exclusive to DISH, working to deliver SD and HD channels. The bundle is intended to give you a great combo of equipment at a budget price

Neither the antenna nor receiver is low end, as both are rated highly in our books and in RV satellite reviews.

Another great portable satellite TV antenna, is another model manufactured by Winegard. Just like the GM-2000 this one is easy to use, offers live TV viewing and is fully automatic.

The Carryout G2 is the exciting new generation of small and portable satellite TV antennas, providing you with live TV whether you are RVing or camping.The G2 is 40% smaller than the popular Wineguard Carryout, so it easy for the whole family to manage once you reach your destination.

The unit works with a wide variety of receivers and the G2 is compatible with DISH (SD & HD), DIRECTV (SD) and Bell TV, both SD & HD.

A nice feature we like is the G2 is equipped with 2 coaxial ports which means it supports 2 receivers. This allows you to view different programmes using the same satellite simultaneously on 2 TVs.The Carryout G2 can be converted to fit a roof mount antenna if you want stationary use. The Roof Mount Kit (RK-2000) is sold separately.

50’ power and 50’coax cables are included. You can choose from white or black domes.

Another fully automatic system with a twist. While this Winegard product supports all new DIRECTV HD receivers, it will provide you with signals from more than one satellite.

The TRAV’LER SWM (Single Wire Multi-Switch) Slimline Antenna is a tough, fully automatic, one button on/off antenna designed to access DIRECTV HD and standard programming.

This latest unit features the unique ability to receive programming from multiple satellites at the one time. Each member of the family can watch any program on any TV ( provided you have enough TV’s)

Now 100% compatible with enhanced DVR capabilities so you can record and watch from different satellites, the SL3-SWM LNB allows 1 coaxial entry to the RV which can be divided for multiple receiver use.

Winegard boasts they are the first to provide RVers with the only available automatic antenna solution for DIRECTV HD programming.

For example, Winegard SK-SWM3 offers simultaneous reception from 99, 101 and 103-degrees so you will get to see a lot of different SD and HD programs, using more than one television or recording device at the same time. Click here to watch a review on Youtube.

If your TV viewing is a chore at night in the campsite because nobody wants to watch the same thing, this RV TV antenna will solve that instantly.


A satellite dish antenna and receiver are essential to a great RV holiday – especially if that evening hike got cancelled due to rain. Nothing beats having some of the creature comforts from home with you in the wilderness like a microwave oven, modern indoor plumbing and access to your favorite TV shows, movies and sporting activities.

Never miss that big game or special show again when on your holiday. With these choices of antennas and receivers you can’t miss and they will also help you to score a home run with everyone else sharing your RV for that getaway. Entertainment is more than eating smores by the campfire. These days it includes satellite TV programming.

King Controls King Controls KD-3000 King-Dome Air In-Motion Satellite Antenna
Automotive Parts and Accessories (King Controls)
  • Fast, reliable tracking at up to 30° per second
  • Stationary mode for silent operation when parked
  • Watch live DISH HD channels on-the-go
  • Dual LNB for 2 receivers
  • King-Dome Low-Profile, In-Motion Auto Satellite Antenna for DIRECTV, DISH and BELL TV
  • Just push a button to automatically lock on all your favorite satellite TV channels
  • Sleek, low-profile dome no taller than a standard A/C unit
  • Built-in tuner provides independent, positive satellite ID to allow use with a variety of receivers for DIRECTV, DISH and Bell TV
  • In motion models provide continuous satellite TV reception while on-the-go. Compatible with Heavy Duty programming for DISH/Bell TV, White
Winegard Winegard RT2035T Roadtrip T4 In-Motion RV Satellite Antenna - Black
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Winegard)
  • Fully automatic roof mounted antenna with one button on/off operation
  • Watch live programming while traveling down the road
  • Quiet system with improved tracking, updated design reduces noise and improves tracking
  • Winegard s smallest in-motion antenna, requires minimal roof space and no storage space

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