Auto tracking satellite dish

1.2m auto tracking satellite

Q: Will my DIRECTV/DISH service work outside of the continental United States?

A: Generally, coverage is limited to the continental United States. Coverage may be available outside of the United States but will be limited.

Q: Do I need to go through all receiver setup steps every time I use the antenna?

A: As long as the receiver configuration has not been altered since last usage, no re-configuration is necessary. If the configuration has been changed by connecting the receiver to a different antenna, re-configuration may be necessary and instructions can be found in the user guide or online at

Q. What satellite providers and satellites work with the RoadTrip T4 antenna?

A. The RoadTrip T4 antenna is compatible with the following: DIRECTV® – 101°, 119°, DISH® – 110°, 119°, 129°, Bell TV™- 82°, 91°.

Q. Can I get HD service with the RoadTrip T4 antenna?

A. HD programming is available with DISH and Bell TV. Keep in mind that in order to receive HD programming, you must have an HDTV as well as an activated HD receiver with an HD programming package (sold separately).

Q. Is the RoadTrip T4 antenna compatible with Shaw Direct service in Canada?

A. No, the RoadTrip T4 antenna is not compatible with Shaw Direct.

Q. Will I be able to watch Bell TV in the United States with the RoadTrip T4 antenna?

A. The RoadTrip T4 antenna will work in areas where Bell TV provides a signal. Bell TV has recently significantly reduced signal coverage in the United States, and viewing outside of Canada will be extremely limited.

Q. Does the RoadTrip T4 automatically toggle between satellites?

A. Yes. As you change the channel, the RoadTrip T4 antenna will automatically toggle to the corresponding satellite.

Q. How many receivers can I hook up to the RoadTrip T4 antenna?

A. The RoadTrip T4 antenna has two satellite outputs. Two single-tuner receivers can be hooked up to the antenna, or one DVR (dual-tuner) receiver can be hooked up to the antenna.

Q. If I hook up two TVs to the antenna, can I watch any program on either TV?

A. You can watch any program on either TV as long as the programs are on the same satellite.

Q. Does Winegard Company recommend using a DVR with the RoadTrip T4 antenna?

A. DISH and DIRECTV do not recommend using receivers with internal hard drives in a mobile environment prone to excessive vibration or heat. For this reason, Winegard recommends a single tuner receiver.

Q. Does the RoadTrip T4 antenna work with a DVR?

A. Yes, the RoadTrip T4 antenna can be set up to work with most DVR receivers. Two coaxial cables will need to run from the RoadTrip T4 antenna to the DVR, and the receiver will only be able to watch or record from one satellite at a time, which may limit some DVR functionality. The RoadTrip T4 antenna is not compatible with the Hopper/Joey for DISH. The RoadTrip T4 antenna is not compatible with H25, HR34, or HR44 for DIRECTV (unless the SWM-840 accessory kit is added).

Q. Does the RoadTrip T4 antenna need to be perfectly level?

A. No. However, the antenna may take longer to lock onto signal if the antenna is not level.

Q. What do I need to set up the RoadTrip T4 antenna?

A. You will need a TV, an activated receiver with programming package, and a 12V power source for the RoadTrip T4 antenna.

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King Controls King Controls KD-3000 King-Dome Air In-Motion Satellite Antenna
Automotive Parts and Accessories (King Controls)
  • Fast, reliable tracking at up to 30° per second
  • Stationary mode for silent operation when parked
  • Watch live DISH HD channels on-the-go
  • Dual LNB for 2 receivers
  • King-Dome Low-Profile, In-Motion Auto Satellite Antenna for DIRECTV, DISH and BELL TV
  • Just push a button to automatically lock on all your favorite satellite TV channels
  • Sleek, low-profile dome no taller than a standard A/C unit
  • Built-in tuner provides independent, positive satellite ID to allow use with a variety of receivers for DIRECTV, DISH and Bell TV
  • In motion models provide continuous satellite TV reception while on-the-go. Compatible with Heavy Duty programming for DISH/Bell TV, White
Winegard Winegard RT2035T Roadtrip T4 In-Motion RV Satellite Antenna - Black
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Winegard)
  • Fully automatic roof mounted antenna with one button on/off operation
  • Watch live programming while traveling down the road
  • Quiet system with improved tracking, updated design reduces noise and improves tracking
  • Winegard s smallest in-motion antenna, requires minimal roof space and no storage space

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