Align Dish Network satellite

Just connect temporary coax

Adjust the elevation of your dish to match the proper alignment for your ZIP code. Consult your owner's manual or visit the links in the Resources section to find the correct orientation for satellite dishes in your ZIP code. If you have a Dish 500, you must also set the skew of the dish to the correct angle. The skew is the amount of rotation that is necessary to align this type of dish.

Turn on the Dish Network receiver inside your home. Press the "Menu" button on your remote control and select "System Setup." Choose "Installation" from the list of options and select "Check Switch." Press "Check" to start the diagnostic process. The screen will list certain configuration settings pertaining to your dish. Move the check mark next to Satellite 119 and press "OK" to display the signal meter.

Ask a friend to watch the signal meter while you adjust the position of the dish or move your television to a location you can see from the dish. Use cellphones to relay the calibration information back and forth to your friend if the dish is too far away to communicate by shouting. If you are working by yourself and cannot see the television, you may need to use other technological assistance to view the signal meter, such as placing a webcam in front of the television and streaming the picture to your smartphone.

Unscrew the locking clamps that hold the dish in position. Tilt the dish as necessary to increase the strength level shown on the signal meter. Try to achieve the highest signal level possible on the meter. Any reading above 70 should give you adequate signal strength to watch television, but the quality may be poor, unless you can reach a higher range. When you are satisfied with the alignment of the dish, tighten the locking clamps to secure it.

Return to the "Check Switch" screen and move the check mark next to Satellite 110 to test the signal strength from this satellite. Repeat the calibration process from the previous step until you reach a signal strength of at least 70. Press "Cancel" to exit the Setup menu.

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