Dish Network satellite 129

TracVision TV1 & RV1
If your Dish Network-connected TV is claiming total signal loss, then at least take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. While the company hasn't revealed exactly what the problem is, Facebook and Twitter posts indicate a "technical issue" with satellite location 129. The really bad news comes when we learned that bird is responsible for carrying many HD channels and HD locals (check the links below for a list of all channels on 129). Switching over to SD channels will let you watch (if that can really be called watching TV) most content in the short term - DBSTalk posters advise hitting menu and selecting 1 on your remote to pull up the guide if you're having trouble. If you currently hide standard-def channels, press menu, then 8, then 1 and uncheck the "HD only" box to see the working channels for now. We'll keep checking for any updates on the situation, but for now you're on your own in a 480-line wilderness, so good luck.

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Update: Dish has a new webpage up to help customers deal with the situation here, while those who can't get through on crowded helplines are advised to check out @dish_answers on Twitter.

Update 2: Dish's site linked above indicates it has "identified the issue" and estimates it will be fixed overnight.

Update 3 (9/14): According to Dish Network's official Twitter account, things should be up and running again now. Satisfied? P.S. - Another helpful DBSTalk post recommends a guide data update by pressing Menu, then 999 and then the right arrow.

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