Dish Network satellite problems

6. Receiver Changes Channels

Here are some common problems encountered with satellite TV systems, with troubleshooting steps:

  • No picture on any set
  • No picture on any channel
  • Missing channels on a Dish or Echostar box
  • Poor AV quality
  • Remote not working right
  • Channels changing by themselves
  • 2. One Receiver: No Picture on Any Channel

    This indicates the cable box is not acquiring a satellite signal.

  • Make sure the TV is tuned to the correct input or channel, based on the type of cable that connects the set-top box (STB) to the TV.
  • Coaxial: Channel 3.
  • Composite: Generally AV 1-3, Composite, or Video 1-3.
  • S-Video: Generally AV 1-3, S-Video, or Video 1-3.
  • Component: Generally Comp 1-3, Component 1-3, or Video 1-7.
  • DVI: Generally DVI or Video 1-7.
  • HDMI: Generally HDMI1-3 or Video 1-7.
  • Press "Power" or "System Info" on the receiver. If it responds to that, it might be just the remote that's not working right.
  • Reset the receiver using the front panel. Hold the Power button on the front of the receiver until all lights on the box go out, then let go.
  • Check your connections. Make sure all cables are pushed in all the way.
  • Powercycle the receiver (turn it off, wait a minute, then turn it on again).
  • 6. Receiver Changes Channels on Its Own (Remote Wars)

    Many Dish remotes use radio frequency (RF) transmissions instead of infrared (IR) transmissions. While an IR remote works mostly line-of-sight—to work, the remote has to be pointed at the receiver with nothing in between—RF passes through walls, furniture, and people with ease. So an RF remote in one apartment can control a receiver in another nearby apartment. This only happens when the remote and the receiver are using the same address. To fix the problem, you'll need to set the receiver's remote address to a different number.

    1. Bring up the "System Info" Screen. This is a different process for each receiver. If it has a smart card, remove it. If the only buttons on the receiver are "Power, " "Up, " and "Down, " turn the receiver off and press the Up button. If the receiver has a "System Info" button on its front panel (perhaps under a door), press it. You can also find System Info in the menu; open the menu, press 6 for System Setup, press 1 for Installation, then press 3 for System Info.

    2) Look at the Remote Address and remember the number.

    3) Press and hold the "SAT" button on the Dish remote until all four mode lights light up, then let it go. The SAT button should start blinking, and the other three mode lights should go out.

    4) Pick a number 1 through 12 other than the current Remote Address (newer receivers can use addresses 1 through 16). Enter the number as a two-digit number (for example, enter "1" as "01") then press "#." The SAT button should go out, blink three times, then go out again. The remote is now set for that address number.

    5) Point the remote at the receiver and press the Record button twice. You should see the Remote Address on the System Info screen change to the remote's new address number.

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