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The Birth of Satellite Television…

Satellite TV can be traced back to the Space Race, when the Russians launched Sputnik in 1957. Communication Satellites were used successfully in the USA in following years and Telstar was developed as a pioneering telecommunication satellite.

At 3pm on 23rd July 1962, millions of people all over the world stopped what they were doing and flocked to living rooms and local pubs to watch the first ever live transatlantic video. Live images of the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower were placed on opposite sides of the screen and sent via satellite to all corners of the globe. The transmission flicked to pictures of a baseball match and a press conference with President John F. Kennedy. The Telstar satellite then moved and Europe took over hosting duties, welcomed by the BBC’s Richard Dimbleby. The New York Times declared the moment as “little short of awesome” and satellite television was rapidly developed by broadcasters towards the wealth of options available today.

Installing Satellite Television Systems

Although satellite dishes were expensive and chunky in the early 90s, the technology is now compact and easier to install. Waves are transmitted from satellites high enough above the earth to deliver unobstructed signal to vast areas, allowing fantastic uninterrupted reception for great sound and picture quality.

Satellite television packages such as Sky, Sky+, SkyHD and FreeSat offer a huge number of free-to-air channels and many exclusive TV channels not available through digital services. Satellite subscription packages can include sport channels with exclusive coverage of the Premiership, Formula 1 and other popular sports. Movie channels enable viewers to keep up with the very latest premieres and biggest blockbusters from the comfort of their own home.

A wealth of High Definition channels and Interactive TV services can be enjoyed on UK satellite services. European Satellite Installation takes modern technology one step further and is becoming the latest trend for viewers, using the Hotbird satellite system to access television channels from Europe and the Middle East.

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