Satellite Dishes for Sale UK

80cm grey solid dish (steel or aluminium) with 40mm LNB holder and wall mountAs manufacturers change designs, warehouse stock varies periodically, and the dish supplied may differ slightly from the photographs on this page. Please read all notes.

UK mainland delivery only for dishes (due to carriage and insurance cost). DANGER

Dishes, poles, aerials, brackets and other hardware often have sharp edges and may be heavy to lift. By placing an order, Customer agrees to take all necessary precautions to avoid injury.


Question: Should I PAINT MY DISH? Answer: CLICK HERE

Question: What does a "dish" comprise?

Triax TD78 solid steel dish pole-mountingAnswer: all our dishes come with an LNB support arm, 40mm LNB clamp bracket (except Sky minidishes) and a rear bracket (with elevation adjustment) that will either bolt directly to a wall (wall mount) or to a pole (pole mount) or a bracket suitable for both types of mounting, as specified in the description. Unless otherwise stated, "pole" refers to a 2" diameter steel pole (1.5" for Sky minidishes). Brackets to mount additional LNBs are available for some dishes but not for others.

Question: What is a "Pole Mount Dish"?

Answer: A Pole Mount dish normally has a bracket (with elevation adjustment) with two 2" U-bolts that will fit onto anything measuring up to 2" diameter (50mm). For example, you could fit it to our RAV20 wall tripod or to a ground stand, a combination mount or a pole concreted into the ground or mounted on the wall with T+K brackets. See the Hardware page for suitable mounts.

optional bracket and 0.5dB LNBsQuestion: What pole should I use?

Answer: Small dishes can usually be mounted on the supplied wall bracket or a 1.5" pole. A 2" diameter steel pole is required for dishes between 80cm and 110cm but note that all ChannelMaster dishes require a 3" mount. Our 43cm Minidishes come with a wall bracket. Some other minidishes can be mounted on a 1.5" diameter steel pole. Always use the shortest possible length of pole. (Never use an aluminium pole for a dish. It's unlikely to be strong enough).

LNB brackets are available for some of the dishes on this pageQuestion: Should I replace the old cable?

Answer: The typical life of unprotected cable outdoors is five years. By this time its attenuation factor has usually increased by a measurable amount. It will probably be "good enough" for several more years but the "rain margin" provided by a Sky minidish is so small that a slight reduction in signal can result in complete loss of programmes in heavy rain. Cable which is protected by a conduit or paint should last a lot longer.

Question: Are all dishes circular?

Answer: Most dishes are circular as viewed by the LNB. However, Sky dishes are oval (wider than high) and use a special Sky LNB to take advantage of this shape. Some dishes are oddly-shaped either for aesthetic reasons or disguise (the corners aren't actually used) or because they are designed to hold several LNBs.

Winegard Winegard SK-SWM3 Slimline Automatic Multi-Satellite TV Antenna
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Winegard)
  • Fully automatic
  • Supports all new DIRECTV HD receivers
  • Provides simultaneous reception from 99 degrees, 101 degrees and 103 degrees for complete SD and HD programming
  • Watch a variety of programs on different TVs at the same time
  • Great to use with DVRs; watch and record from different satellites simultaneously

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