Satellite dish wall mounting bracket

Low Cost Large Satellite Dish

STUDIO5 AVB... Much more than 'traditional satellite TV' providers...

'Back then' we brought Europe easy-access to English-speaking TV programming via satellite... These days we offer both the very latest IP-TV solutions - hardware based and mobile on the go; and the traditional satellite TV solutions.

(IP-TV is TV via the internet. Often using some form of simple, easy to self-set-up hardware and basic ability to follow a few instructions, you could be watching TV in typically under 30 minutes or less. IP-TV is an excellent solution especially where you want flexibility and portability, where you want low investment and very low cost-per-use, and, where physically installing a traditional satellite may not be possible or that cost advantageous... Check out our tab dedicated to IP-TV within our on-line store, here)

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  • We'll aim to beat any like-for-like written, recent quote from any other supplier
  • We understand your needs - especially Military, Diplomatic, Embassy, EU Commission clients
  • Customer access to our dedicated HELP CENTRE on-line 24/7
  • 30 day exchange / credit note program - Buy with confidence (see 'Conditions')*
  • Trusted since 1996 offering a professional, 'white-glove', personalised service

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Society and the law today dictate that we all need to abide by 'terms' and 'rules' - this is only right, and we agree. Our goal with our terms and conditions (T&C's) therefore is to be transparent and fair, ensuring they're easy to comprehend and to have them readily available here on-line before you commit to making a purchase. We don't do hidden agendas. It's not fair, it's not right, it's not professional. Shop with assurance and peace of mind, and remember our website is naturally secure too.

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