Satellite dish solar collector

Make your own Backyard Solar

This build can be divided into a few easy steps or subcomponents. The Dish, The tracking system, and the heat exchanger/collector.
These are things you will need for this build

1. An old C-Band sattelite dish. These are still floating around in peoples yards and junk piles.If you ask some people will probably let you have it for removing it. You will need the pole, mount and actuator to go with it. If the actuator is bad you can get new ones from ebay for $30-$50. The dish needs to be the solid panel type not mesh, but it can be the spun aluminum (1 piece) or multiple pieces that bolts together. I think some of the 1 piece are plastic or fiberglass this would work too all you really after is the shape. One thing to remember is that size=power and size changes as the square of power so a 5 foot dish will only have 1/4 the power of a 10 foot

2. A roll of mylar mirror film. You can get this from greenhouse supply places for indoor gardens pretty cheap.

3. 1-2 cans of Spray glue available at the big box store.

4. 1/4 inch soft copper tubing. This is the stuff that you plumb to the icemaker in you freezer with. You will also need the associated compression fittings to connect to your home or pool or whatever you're going to use it for.

5. Solar tracking circuit. I got this from ebay for about $30 it has 2 wires for power in from your 12 or 24 volt source and 2 for power out to the output which is going to be the C band actuator.

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