Satellite dish providers

Ball Satellite Dish Providers

At first glance, satellite TV providers DISH and DIRECTV may look identical. But look closer and you’ll see important differences in price, technology and features.

DISH is the low-price leader in digital satellite television, offering savings of up to 50 percent during your first year of service. DIRECTV offers similar first-year discounts, but only DISH gives customers a free DVR upgrade. And unlike the Genie DVR from DIRECTV, the Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR from DISH can skip commercials in recorded primetime television.

DISH also gives new customers free high-definition programming with qualifying service plans. While DIRECTV also provides HD service, it forces customers to pay an “advanced receiver fee” of $15/mo to get HD channels.

It’s fast and easy to switch to DISH. Get free activation and installation services with most satellite TV plans, and same-day service is available in many areas. With DISH, you get the quality and reliability you’d expect from a leader in quality TV service.

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