Satellite dish Perth


Normally $99 – On Special for $89 for a limited time only

This is the latest Access Antennas Caravan RV 80cm satellite dish with removable arm. Designed by Australians – made for the harsh Australian conditions. Has the same gain as the 85cm dish as the bottom and tops parts of the dish which are not used for reflecting signal have been removed.

The factory in Taiwan is one of the worlds biggest dish manufacturers, built from the highest quality machines and materials. These dishes are referred to as the rolls royce of satellite dishes. We pulled a significant amount of higher signal power and quality from our 80cm dish compared to a number of cheap Chinese dishes.

Suitable for use in 100% of Australia for VAST or Pay TV – whether in a caravan, motorhome or even camper trailer.

This dish does not come with LNB or padded heavy duty satellite dish bag.

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  • Australian designed removable arm mechanism to suit portable use
  • Comes complete with wingnuts for easy adjustment when aligning, no spanners required

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