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Greetings from Andersen Manufacturing, the designers and manufacturers of the world renowned line of "True Focus" satellite dish antennas. For the last 19 years, True Focus has proven why our satellite dishes offer one of the best parabolic curves on the market, at a competitive price. Plus, the durability of an aluminum antenna design and manufacture, will ensure years of trouble free performance. Combined with our powder coating process that extends the life of the antenna even further, with a U.V. resistant T.G.I.C. finish, the best in the industry.

Our years of experience have enabled us to improve and refine the design of satellite antennas. It has also proven to us, and our customers, why solid aluminum antenna construction is a preferred method of antenna fabrication. Combined with our special "Hydroforming" method of construction, True Focus antennas repeatedly achieve the highest marks, time after time. Each dish tool is periodically verified with an optical system, capable of measuring in thousandths of an inch. Antenna surface accuracy is extremely important to our customers and therefore to us. After tooling refinements, our largest antennas achieve a surface accuracy of 0.025 RMS or better, while the smaller antennas have an accuracy of 0.015 RMS or better.

Each mount is CAD designed, to compliment and maintain the antenna's optimum curve. True Focus offers one of the most complete lines of antennas and mounts in the industry. Prime Focus, VSAT, Offset, DBS, TVRO, Tx/Rx and Commercial models are available.

We invite you to take the True Focus challenge. Compare one of our antennas side by side with the competition. The choice will be clear. Literally. Visually. Perfectly. True Focus is Affordable Perfection.

DIRECTV DIRECTV SLSPF SlimLine SLSPF / SL5S 5 Satellite Dish Antenna (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Speakers (DIRECTV)
  • Application/Usage-Television
  • DIRECTV SLIM LINE Reflector Dish AU9 - NO LNB (1 PACK)
  • DIRECTV Slim Line SLSPF / SL5S 5 Satellite Dish Antenna

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