Satellite box without dish

IPTV BOX Reciever without

The way your TV setup looks can be just as important as the programming you're watching. A well-designed entertainment center can be clean and welcoming, while one poorly laid out can be distracting. Enjoy an identical experience of the Hopper on different televisions throughout your home with this wireless TV receiver. Just sync the Wireless Joey with the Hopper, and you're ready to watch wireless TV programming.

Anywhere, anytime

Let your imagination come to life by spreading your TV service anywhere in your home with the Wireless Joey. Once you've synced a Wireless Joey with your Hopper, you'll be able to watch wireless satellite TV in any room of your home, even outside. Move the television into the dining room to catch your favorite football games on Thanksgiving or bring it out on the deck for an outdoor movie night. No matter where you want to watch your favorite movies, shows or On Demand programming, Wireless Joey makes it possible.

HD, Wireless

The Wireless Joey is the first wireless receiver of its kind to use 802.11ac technology. This allows us to deliver your favorite HD programming at incredible speeds without having to sacrifice picture quality. In fact, Wireless Joey operates at delivery speeds up to three times faster than its competitors.

While you're at it, feel free to check out the other Joeys that can make your entertainment that much easier and enjoyable.

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