Replacement satellite dish

Replacement Satellite Dish

Keep your big dish in top operating condition with quality satellite replacement parts.

Serve up a better picture with a new satellite dish. Size does make a difference! For the very best, static-free picture or for a digital 4DTV satellite system, use a larger mesh dish. We recommend a minimum of 8.5' dish for digital C-band reception. We also carry satellite dish replacement parts, such as ribs, struts, perimeter channels, front and back plates and replacement mesh panels. Call us!

You need a steady arm to hit the target. Check out our selection of replacement dish movers (actuator arms). Ball Screw or Acme Thread? The acme thread dish mover has become know as the industry standard. It is a mechanically reliable system that will push and pull your dish your many years with minimal maintenance. The improved ball screw actuator arm adds ball bearings that move up and down the shaft for added power on big satellite dishes. This offers a smoother, quieter operation and a longer life, especially on large size satellite dishes.

The LNB is the heart of your satellite system - it amplifies the satellite signal thousands of times. If it's not working, you don't have a picture. C-band LNBs are measured in degrees Kelvin, and Ku-band LNBs are measured in decibels. The lower the temperature or decibels, the better your picture. We carry a variety of LNBs including Norsat C-band and Ku-band LNBs.

Feedhorns, available in C-band and Ku-band feeds, or a combination of both, gather the maximum signal from your dish for the best picture. We also carry a variety of feed accessories including feed horn covers, servo motors, C-Ku-band switches and more.

The quality of cable you use determines the quality of satellite signal you get. The use of cheap, low-quality cable may cause you to lose 20% to 30% of your signal. Skyvision carries only the best for low signal loss. You'll find ribbon cable, coaxial cable, dish mover cable, feed horn cable - all sold either by the foot or in kits that include everything you need to do a professional job.

Keep the moisture out of your cable connections with weatherproof or compression connectors. Moisture is the #1 enemy of your satellite system. In addition to weatherproof connectors and compression connectors, we recommend Coax Water Seal and Dielectric Seal.

The right tool for the right job makes all the difference. We've always said "you can do it yourself." To get professional results on all of your do-it-yourself projects, try any of the Skyvision satellite tools that make jobs a breeze. For cable projects, we offer cable tool and fitting kits, coax stripper kits and crimping tools. When setting up and/or aiming your satellite system, try a protractor aiming tool, compass/inclinometer or satellite locator survey tool. And did we mention our handy tune-up kits? Get peak satellite dish performance with the Universal Satellite Finder Tune-Up Kit with everything you need to do it yourself!

Catching your local weather is a breeze with easy-to-assemble off-air antennas. For the clearest off-air reception of local programming, a good off-air antenna is a must. And now many off-air antennas also receive high definition signals. Check out our selection of VHF/UHF antennas for metro areas, deep fringe areas or any place in between.

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