Remove satellite dish

Ground Mounted SatelliteStandard satellite dishes are receivers that are typically 19” – 24” inches in diameter. These satellite dishes are generally provided by DirectTV or Dish Network, but similar satellite receivers come standard with WildBlue, Hughesnet, and other services.

Ground Mounted Pricing

Is your dish at ground level on a pole or stand? These removals are fast and start at just $149.

First Story Pricing

If your dish is on a first story roof or is mounted to the side of the house our removal cost starts at $179.

Second Story Pricing

If you have a two story home (dishes mounted approximately 20' - 25' from the ground) our starting price is $199.

Third Story Pricing

If your removal requires access to a third story roof prices will start at $299. The 40’+ ladders required for this work require two people to operate and we only have one crew in each metro area available with this equipment. Expect longer lead times for these removals.

With all removals we will remove the wires that run from the back of the dish to wherever they end. If the wires enter the home we will cut them at the entrance to the home and patch as necessary. If they enter a junction box we will only remove the wire from the junction box to the dish.

What about the mounting bracket?

Brackets are removed from dishes that are mounted to the side of the home or in a fascia board. Dishes mounted to the roof are removed while leaving the brackets in place for weatherproofing. If your landlord or HOA requires the brackets removed from the shingles we can do this for an additional cost of $30 but cannot warranty the roof patch. All brackets that we remove are patched with a clear silicone caulk. green kitchen cabinets ideas green kitchen cabinets.
6X8 Satellite MultiSwitch Approved KA/KU Wide Band Zinwell Multiswitch Phase 3 Satellite Dish Multi Switch Outdoor Antenna Signal 8 Receiver Distribution Splitter
  • Wide Band
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Easily connect up to eight satellite receivers to your satellite dish.
  • Connect an additional off air antenna or cable input.
  • EASY INSTALL: Save time by not having to remove integrated multi-switches embedded in your satellite dish.
valuelink supplies SF-95DR Satellite Signal Finder
CE (valuelink supplies)
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Digital Display
AU9S LNB SL5S SWM Five Out LNB KA/KU Slim Line Single Wire Multiplexer for Satellite Dish SL-5S Slimeline 5 LNB KA KU Band Satellite High Definition HDTV Signal Reception
Speakers (DIRECTV)
  • This unit can support up to 8 tuners; either 8 standard tuners, or 4 DVRs, or any combination with a total 8 tuners.
  • With SWM compatible DVRs, only one wire is required to run 2 tuners.
  • Maximum Distance: 200 from SWM to Receiver.
  • B-Band Converters are NOT required. Make sure to remove or your system will not operate properly.
  • Provides 101, 110, 119, 99, & 103
Speakers (DIRECTV)
  • Requires 21V power inserter (not included)
  • Receives content from the 99, 101 and 103 Satellites
  • Built-in SWM Multiswitch gives a single wire to feed multiple receivers
  • 13 tuner support (SWM13)
  • This listing for the LNB Only (power inserter and slim line dish kit required)
PILLO PILLO Throw Pillow Covers 18 X 18 Inches / 45 By 45 Cm(2 Sides) Nice Choice For Club,bar,gril Friend,kids Girls,him,study Room Flower
Home (PILLO)
  • This hold pillow covers size is 18 x 18 inches / 45 by 45 cm. Pattern Type: flower.
  • Perfect for our family room.Colors are bright and material is soft enough for the kids to lay on Seams are serged for durability and to prevent fraying.
  • It is just pillowcase,no include insert. The pattern is both sides.
  • Hidden zipper closure. This cushion case is safe to machine wash,hand wash,or dry clean. Color your life,color your dream
  • Our pursuit is 100% customer satisfaction, please contact us if you have any questions. we can dispatch it within 1-3 days. Avoid prolong exposure to sunlight

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