Motorised satellite dish channels

For the enthusiastic satellite

Another option for satellite installation for both ethnic and religious channels is the motorised satellite dish, this type of setup is for receiving channels from more than one satellite.
A simple explanation is that from any one point on earth we are capable of receiving signals from several different satellites. This means installing several dishes facing different directions and then buying more equipment to integrate them to the satellite receiver making the access to several channels across several satellites, a costly and time consuming exercise.
With the advent of the "horizon to horizon mount" it has now meant that the dish was capable of arcing across the clarke belt (where the satellites are positioned in space) and with the use of an actuator and a special type of satellite receiver that was capable of moving the actuator. All the customer has to do is change channels and the dish would move by itself to the chosen satellite and show the desired stations making it possible to receive several satellites on the one dish and at a considerably cheaper price.
Most motorised satellite installations are C band installations and use a larger type dish in the 2 metre range or larger as C band installations need to overcome signal losses due to atmospheric conditions that occur.
We do a large range satellite installations from one dish stationary setups to C and ku motorised setups covering every satellite that can be received from Tasmania.
Due to the danger a dish this size can present on a roof, they can become very dangerous in high winds and most councils will not allow these large types of dishes to impede on others views. Because of this at
ZAXSONS we will only install these dishes in the ground for safety and insurance factors and keeping surrounding neighbours happy.
If there are several channels that you would like to watch and think that a motorised satellite dish installation is for you contact ZAXSONS and let us put together a package at the right price that will work for you

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