Mobile satellite Dishes

The Flyaway is easily setup on the ground in minutes. Often the ground mounting bracketing is not necessary if there is no wind and the surface is even. Power to the Flyaway may be supplied by an optional 1000 or 2000 watt portable Honda generator, or by a 400 watt mini inverter. more on power

The universal fly-and-drive bracketing may mount the flyaway to most roof-racks, including rental vehicles.

The three piece system (4 pieces with fly-and-drive bracketing) is designed to be moved and assembled by one person (the rackmount and VSAT cases have wheels).

The dish bag for the Flyaway has been designed with high strength material for rugged use. It may be easily shipped to any location.

Fly-And-Drive Mobile VSAT Satellite Dish

All Flyaway systems come with a quick-release dish that requires no tools for assembly. The quick-release will shave minutes off assembly over the standard 4 bolt dish.

The heaviest case for the .98 meter Flyaway is 149 lbs (67.6 kilograms) and may be shipped via standard UPS-FedEx-DHL. Quick-attach dolly wheels (not shown) are placed on the heavy end of the case for one person mobility.

The electronics case is 6RU front & 6RU back (19" by 19" deep). Included are the Toughsat TS2 ACU (1RU x 12" d), the iDirect Evolution X5 (1.5RU x 12" d), and an 8 AC plug power-conditioner (1RU x 15" d). The cable run length is 25' (7.6 meters). Longer 50' and 100' runs available. There is significant space available for adding additional equipment.

The Toughsat system is designed for extreme weather. Aluminum light weight construction and drain holes allow the case lid to be unaffected by rain. The rackmount electronics case may be sealed (with the lid) for a water resistant wireless "G" access point.

Mobility and flexibility. The waterproof case top and electronics are stored in a SUV's cargo space. The cable to the dish on the roof can be threaded through a slightly open window.

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