Maxview satellite dish

Now available for immediate shipping. Australia's best roof mounted, wind up satellite system.

"We’ve had our new Otron caravan for almost 18 months now. You would be aware from our previous dealings that as part of the initial build we included installation of a new Maxview manual windup dish as well as our existing Humax PVR (purchased from you in August 2013). The Maxview dish continues to operate beautifully and during the last 18 months we’ve been away in the caravan for a total of close to 10 months so we’ve given it good use. Using the “satellite finder” in my Wiki Camps app on my iPhone I am able to very quickly align the dish and usually complete the process in about 3 minutes. I just use the Humax and the TV for signal detection and virtually always achieve a 100% reading in both “strength” and “quality”. I’ve attached a few photos of our caravan with dish deployed and I’m quite happy for you to use these in promoting this terrific dish system if you wish."

The Maxview AU2590/85 crank up satellite dish offers most of the benefits of an automatic dish without the hefty price tag. These benefits include:

  • Roof mounted for security
  • Wind up from inside your van
  • Australia wide coverage
  • No need to carry out and align a manual dish each time
  • No storage required
  • Low profile on your roof
  • Quick alignment
  • Totally mechanical so no chance of electronic failure

Imagine being able to go ANYWHERE in Australia and get perfect TV everytime. Furthermore, picture being able to wind up your high quality Maxview Crank Up dish from inside the van and watching the picture come on right in front of you on your TV. That's the beauty of a roof mounted system.

Installation can be carried out by a competent handyman or we can arrange for a professional to do this for you (subject to area). The Maxview Crank Up comes mounted on a circular aluminium plate ready to glue and screw to your roof. A 30mm hole is drilled directly below the plate to cater for the shafts and mechanism. The coaxial cables are then routed across the roof of the van to an overhead cupboard and down inside the cupboard to the digital satellite decoder (not included but we can supply this too).

A cutaway image showing exploded diagram of system on roof (dish not yet attached).

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