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Multimo dishThe multimo can be used outside or inside. If mounted outdoors, please ensure that each 'F' plug is filled with silicone grease to protect the connection from moisture in the event of rain or high humidity.

If mounted indoors, please note that any obstruction, such as glass, will cause a LARGE reduction in signal strength.

Wherever you mount it, the Multimo will provide approximately the same reception as a standard 54 cm wide Sky minidish. If in doubt, please test reception with a minidish before purchasing a Multimo. We (SatCure) can not predict or guarantee reception at any specific location under any particular conditions so please do test.

NOTE: The Multimo is a PRIME FOCUS dish. It must be aimed directly at the desired satellite. This means that it will be angled upwards much more than an ordinary "offset" dish. Many so-called "professional" installers don't know this and we often receive "no signal" complaints undeservedly because the installer is pointing the dish at the horizon instead of at the satellite!

This dish may be suitable for indoor use behind a single-glazed window to receive Sky Digital in the UK because it is small and compact. You can mount it on a TV wall bracket close to the window and swing it out of the way when it's not in use!

Please note: There is nothing magical about this dish. It is a "Cassegrain" design, which simply means that it is more efficient than an equivalent size "ordinary" dish. It can't "see through glass" any better than an equivalent ordinary dish. Please test with an ordinary dish first.


Multimo Twin LNB

It's quite impossible to give reception guarantees because of manufacturing variations, signal variations and ongoing replacement of the satellites up in space. In addition, some types of glass will attenuate the satellite signal more than other types. We recommend that you use single- not double glazing. Better still, we recommend that you replace the existing glass with plastic. For minimum signal attenuation use 3mm thick polycarbonate. In a loft or attic it may be possible to replace some tiles with plastic versions. The colour should not affect the signal attenuation. For English programmes, the dish needs to be aligned very accurately on the Astra satellite cluster designated 28.2° East of South.

An alternative, if you have room, is to use our transparent "Metronic" dish. This is larger than the Multimo, collects more signal and doesn't block the light as much. Sorry, no longer available from SatCure.

To allow more light into a room, it's quite OK to mount an offset dish upside down like this, on a suitable stand or patio mount. As the dish acts like a mirror, it will still reflect the signal onto the LNB like this. The only reason for mounting it the other way outdoors is that it's easier and less likely to collect snow. It's also easier to disguise a dish like this if it's on a balcony.

As any material such as glass reduces the signal, you'll get better results by installing a larger dish, if space permits.

We strongly recommend that you buy, scrounge or borrow a dish of around 50cm diameter. If you get acceptable results in the UK with this dish positioned behind your window, then the chance of success with the "Multimo" is high.

A used dish can often be picked up at zero cost from a neighbour, the local tip, or any passing Sky installer. Indeed you may be satisfied with the result and decide to keep the zero cost dish.

Please, therefore, don't ask us if the Multimo will work at your location. It's quite impossible to predict without actually trying it.

It is unlikely that a minidish or Multimo will work well behind glass if you are in northern England or Ireland or in Scotland. But please try a minidish and find out!

It is unlikely that the Multimo will give satisfactory results from satellites other than those used for Sky Digital, unless you are in a strong signal area for the satellite in question. Please do not ask "will this work?" because we simply can't guess. Try a Sky minidish.

The standard Multimo is fitted with a single-output "universal" LNB, suitable for use with all digital satellite receivers (including Sky Digibox). A twin-output version is also available and will work with SKY+ or with two separate receivers.

The ARCON is a larger version of the Multimo and requires a pole or patio mount. It may work where the Multimo gives borderline results. (Sorry, now obsolete.)

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