How to dispose of satellite dishes?

Satellite dishes are situated

At Dish Disposal, our local Authorized Partners are licensed, bonded, and insured as required in each locale. The removal of satellite dishes and antennas of any size can be a difficult task and should be done by a qualified technician. Have one of our Authorized Partners remove the satellite dish from your property, repair any holes created by the removal process, and then recycle/dispose of the old satellite dish receiver or antenna properly.

Environmentally Friendly

In many locales it is against the law to dispose of satellite dish receivers in the garbage. Satellite dish receivers contain lead and other toxic chemicals that are not permitted in the landfills. At Dish Disposal, our service fee includes local recycling or disposal costs as applicable.

Can old Satellite Dish Receivers be re-used?

Satellite dish receivers, like most technology, are outdated from when you install them. The satellite TV providers have no use for the old receivers and won’t remove them for you. It costs the Satellite TV Providers more money to come to your property, remove the satellite dish, and dispose of it; than it costs them to just make and install a brand new satellite dish receiver.

Presto Presto Heat Dish Plus Parabolic Electric Heater
Home (Presto)
  • Focuses heat where it s needed most on you! -
  • Keeps you toasty warm so there is no need to heat the entire room
  • Because it uses just 1 watts, it could help save enough on electric bills to pay for itself in as little as one year
  • Handy top-mounted thermostatic control maintains the desired temperature automatically
  • Illuminated Footlight® base tells you at a glance if the heater is plugged in (uses no more energy than a standard nightlight)
LEGO LEGO Movie 70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, Spaceship! Building Set (Discontinued by manufacturer)
Toy (LEGO)
  • Includes 4 minifigures with accessories: Benny, Robo Emmet, Space Wyldstyle and Robo Pilot, plus an Astro Kitty figure
  • Spaceship features opening cockpit, 2 spring-loaded laser shooters, 4 flick missiles, extendable wings, spring-loaded space cannons, 2 stud blasters
  • Also has triple exhaust booster, control room with opening roof, computers, hammer and wrench, satellite dish, 2 spacebots and translucent elements
  • Watch The LEGO Movie to see all your favorite characters in action! Benny s Spaceship measures over 4 high, 20 long and 16 wide
  • Detachable wing flyers each measure over 1 high, 3 long and 3 wide; Robo Police interceptor measures over 1 high, 4 long and 4 wide
LEGO Creator LEGO Creator Apple Tree House (5891) - 539 Piece set
Toy (LEGO Creator)
  • 3 models in 1: Rebuild into a tall townhouse or summer home
  • Classic family house packed with details, like mail box, lawnmower, outdoor light, water tap in the garden and much more
  • Features a blue tiled roof which can be lifted to play inside
  • Highly detailed: Basketball hoop, TV antenna and garage
  • 539 pieces

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