Freesat satellite dish Alignment

Simply plug in your box to

Freesat UK launched today offering free channels, including BBC HD and the exclusive ITV HD. Here is a quick guide on a self-installation to get Freesat using DishPointer:

Assuming you’ve got all the equipment together, go to the main page and enter you house number, street address and postcode (note that the second part of the postcode will be omitted).

A satellite image of your house should pop up. Now choose 28.2E Astra from the satellite drop down box. This the satellite Freesat is broadcast from.

Now move the marker to the location where your satellite dish is.

Find a landmark along the alignment line.

Now go to your dish and point it right at that landmark. Then slowly adjust the elevation. Bear in mind that the quoted elevation is the elevation of the signal but due to the reflective nature of the offset dish, the elevation of the dish is about 25° less (e.g. if the elevation is 25° the dish face would be horizontal, if the elevation is even less, the dish would be pointing downwards).

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