Dish channels by satellite Dish Network

Shopping for the best satellite TV service is easy, once you know where to look.

First consider the number of televisions in your household. Do you want high-definition programming everywhere, or just in a few rooms? How about the DVR – feature-rich or bare-bones? Cost is another deciding factor, since satellite TV rates seem to go up every year.

There are two main satellite TV companies – DISH and DIRECTV. What makes DISH the best satellite TV service? DISH has something for everyone – Hollywood blockbusters, classic films, serial dramas and sports galore. Enjoy hundreds of the best channels that satellite TV has to offer, all at the lowest price. DISH also throws in freebies including the free Hopper HD DVR and free high-definition channels for the life of your subscription.

Do you have a big house? DISH gives you free standard installation in six rooms, while DIRECTV charges extra for more than four rooms. Another difference is that DIRECTV charges extra for HD channels. With DISH, HD programming is included free for the life of your subscription. You can learn more about the cost of satellite TV services in the table below.

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